Sunday Column (172)

Another week. As you might have seen I was off work moving house. Or unpacking to be precise, getting quotes for various jobs and getting annoyed at our vendors for leaving the place in a state…which is not what I define as “clean”, “cleared” or “good condition”. So we ordered a new dish washer already, the council to collect the rubbish, and we also managed to sort out the overgrown garden a bit.

Wow, an action packed week. Considering we have only been here for a week, we got a lot done. But we are quite stressed too. We noticed that we are running close to capacity, and this was supposed to be a holiday = relaxation. No? Och well, we manage, and we got so much done that we will hopefully have some time to relax over the next few weeks, not being too busy with tradesmen and site visits but with people sorting the house. Our home.

Latter is important. It feels home. I have arrived. We, as a family, have arrived. I now properly care about the place we live in, this is our family home, the place our children grow up in and will call home. This is our castle. Our place. H-O-M-E. Crazy to think. Not only that a three year old Colin looks at me and considers what ever I do as right, no we now provide him with what he will remember as his first home for the rest of his life. That is fantastic and scary at the same time. But we will try to do our best. For him. For Rohan. For us.

We are excited about the place. We got endless space considering we doubled the amount of bedrooms. We got good schools, good life style opportunities (Brighton, South Downs etc). We are living. We arrived. We are deeply satisfied, and we make this our place.

Shame is that I spend my holidays organising the move, the builders etc. rather than chilling out and playing with the kids. I did a bit and I enjoy it but I could do with so much more. Lost opportunities on the one hand but also a sacrifice for a better home as described above. Finding that right balance is yet a challenge for me to overcome but I will manage. I am confident I will.

Tomorrow I go back to work. A longer commute which I will manage fine given my iPad. Speaking of such it played up this week and I had to fully restore it. Not happy! Then my iPhone played up but with a small trick I managed to get it sorted again. Puh!

On Thursday afternoon I went off to a friend’s wedding in Berlin. The good thing was to leave the house and the trouble and thoughts behind. Good to chill, get some distance and relax, meeting old friends from school, and getting some “me time”. Quite selfish I suppose but we didn’t know that we were to move the week before the wedding, did we? It worked out well. On the other hand my wife got some time off from me who was going at a 100 miles/hour for the past 2 weeks sorting the move.

Enough, tomorrow my new life properly starts. The next 20 years or so. Trust in the universe, things will sort itself out. That’s what Steve said.

Berlin: maybe a few words. I wrote a lot about Germany before, so not sure if I want to warm anything up. However, being able to go across Berlin for 3 Euros on public transport is unbeatable. Not comparable to London I suppose, thinking of having to cough up a few hundred GBP for my monthly (!) travel card. But Berlin is great. People are nice, Germans are nice (despite my comment on Facebook that they don’t queue and are rude by jumping queues, pushing their luggage into the overhead compartments without considering others – quite selfish), and well known for their quality and engineering skills. Latter I heard a million times this week from the tradesmen trying to sell us doors and windows.

Germans know how to “build to last”. That is where we are at. Putting down the foundation for growth, for a future that is going to be build to last a few decades. Something to look back to when you are all grey, old and retired.

I also visits the Reichstag. A historic building making me think a lot about German history. Amazing to think what this building hosted and what decisions were made here over the years.

I am drifting a bit. Enough said for another week of fun. I am physically exhausted but happy. I am eager to get back to my routine, our routine, and work. I haven’t checked my work emails for the past two weeks either. I didn’t even have time to stay on top of my private ones.

So there we are. Two weeks of holidays come to an end.

Have a fantastic week,