Sunday column (175)

This week was quite rainy again. I suppose we haven’t had much of a summer this year. So in all honesty I didn’t mind visiting our Milanese office on Tuesday for a day to tank some sun and of course taking the team out for lunch and having a very important meeting (you notice the order 🙂 ). Those day trips are bearable and travelling wise it is almost like going into London. I am up a bit earlier and home a tad later. I don’t mind though.


Travelling is one of those things. The train didn’t leave early enough for me to get to the airport. So I had to take a taxi. Then flying back it is quite a train trip to get to the Milan airport. Not that it isn’t at all manageable, I have done it many times before. As mentioned last week I shouldn’t worry about flying. But you still do when you turn left and right flying above the Alps. But it is a stunning view.

Village life continues to treat us well. We finalised the plan on what we are going to do for now, then decide where we set the next priorities without stretching our budget. Our garage door arrived already. Next week we get the asbestos removed. Then the garage ceiling re-instated and hopefully the last boxes unpacked. The wardrobe is ordered. The spare bedroom finished for now and my parents were here to help in the garden and the house. It helps to have a helping hand: or four for that matter. The kids’ bedrooms are done and the new garden shed can arrive too. We also found some cat remains. Bones and very smelly rotten flesh with red fur. Not great.

Our parents brought us a height adjustable desk so that at least at home I can work standing up. I am loving it ever since HP gave me such a desk when I did an internship back in 2000.

Also we got our first fish. The aquarium we got last week has the right water temperature, bacteria and chemical mix in order to host our first fish. Colin is very excited about it. I think I got myself a new hobby with the fish tank, which I already started to enjoy.

A few more sentences to priorities in life. I still very much enjoy working and running the teams I do. I love continuing my career. However, having those long commutes makes me realise how much admin I can do on the road, writing emails, following up on things. I can focus on getting work done on the road, coming home both free of work and leaving work behind. It is like the commute gives me a barrier; I get off the train and unless something important is happening, I am offline, with the family (if the kids are still awake when I get home), do my own stuff, feed the fish, or speak to my wife (yes, that still happens). My work life balance increased massively without compromising on work. I am very chuffed about that. Just the old dilemma: one leaves on time at work and it looks like you slack off. But that’s not the case.

A few more words about my exercise progress. After I spend a lot of time and effort removing a bamboo root in the garden last weekend, I pulled a tendon in my leg. Not ideal, and I cut down on the exercise this week. I hope it is better next week so I can focus on my weight loss even further. I slowly move into the two digit kilogram figures, so doing ok. Once I got my weight bench I should shed more pounds more quickly.

Enough about that, I feel like my life is on track. Some things need time to sort and some have improved a lot since moving. I focus on the important things and only lack sleep and time. Again, this is just something to get used to I suppose.

Hope you have a great week.