Sunday Column (176)

I believe it would be good to speak about happiness this week. Mainly because I realise how happy I am at the moment. And, how lucky I am. And there could be nothing else but sharing my happiness with a wider audience.

I arrived. Our house is slowly shaped into the form we want it to be: the garage is sorted, still some doors to be done, the wine is ordered, the wine shelves, the garden is getting into shape etc. etc. An endless list but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We seem to be getting somewhere and sorting things out. So we are happy about that. And it is a great happiness.

If we look around us. We have two beautiful children, I have a great job, we living the dream really. Often people don’t realise they do and don’t stop and think about it. But I thought it would be a nice thing to do. We didn’t win the lottery, we still need to work, pay off the mortgage but we are healthy and happy.

Hold on for a second.
Look around you and appreciate what you have.
Don’t worry about what you could have.
Don’t worry about money.
Live the moment and make the most of what you already have.

We are happy to have arrived at a place where we feel safe, feel out of the city, where we can relax and just be ourselves. Isn’t that fantastic?

It also has another very positive effect. The moment of “coming home”. Arriving at a place you enjoy and like, where your family is, your home, your castle. With my frequent travel like this week to Dublin, I now enjoy the moment I get back home. Or I’d say I enjoy it even more. Those home coming moment, stepping in from the cold and wet to find a glass of red wine, a nice light and your wife and kids waiting for you. Priceless.

I might sound a bit sentimental, or like the MasterCard ad, but I truly enjoy how things are progressing and changing. I love my life! Could you wish for more?

Maybe a bit off topic, but I am amazed what you can all buy on Amazon. I didn’t know Amazon has such a vast variety of stuff to buy. From light fittings to TVs to electrical goods, books, pet supplies …it is fantastic. On my phone, ipad or laptop. One click away from almost anything. Sorry I really had to mention this, looking at my inbox being the majority of emails from Amazon.

Other than that not too much was happening this week. Sorting things, removing asbestos, flying to Dublin and back, sorting things, being busy at work, working from home on my standing table and fighting the man-flu. Was that all?

I got a few more fish. We got a new freezer. The wine arrived.

Another 7 days. July is passing very quickly. And I am still missing the sun!

Have a great week,