Sunday Column (178)

The Olympics have arrived. I cannot believe it has been four years coming for London to plan this event. At work we still haven’t figured out whether people will work from home, more flexible or not at all. Will the tubes run, how full will public transport be….I guess we find out tomorrow.

20120727-191710.jpgMy wife reminded me on Friday that we said, when London was announced to host the 2012 Olympics, that we won’t be living in London anymore by the time they’d be happening. I guess we were somewhat right.

But London, as a Olympic town, has a fantastic USP (Unique Selling Point). In last week’s FT magazine, it was suggested that only in London you get a true melting pot of nations. I never thought about it but it probably is correct. No ghettos, lots of accents, skin colours and mixed races. Our kids are, our office has above 60% international employees and I haven’t had a take away from the chipper lately. Latter might be due to the fact that my wife doesn’t like fish but you get my point I am sure. London is multicultural at it’s best. We are loving it.

The weather. Would you believe it? High twenties, even above thirty degrees in July in London. I am glad my new commuter train actually has an air conditioning. So will our new office which we plan to move into by the end of next month.

Life couldn’t get much better. I get the evening sun in the garden despite it being a North facing garden. The universe is good to me. I better be good to the universe too.

This week I started another habit. You know when you say older people are stuck in their way, I am doing exactly that. Trying out the best routine and habit to get stuck in. And one, besides the weight lifting, is going to bed at 10 pm in order to get 7 hours sleep. Being an owl and enjoying to stay up all night, I am also a lark enjoying the early morning for both my sports but also for thinking and working.

So yes, the more I read about the energy household, the more I think I need to have 7 hours of sleep, probably cutting it down to 6 in the future. Even this week I realised that I seem more awake after 6 than 7 hours of sleep. You probably noticed that I have been posting info on cancer and cancer research. Luckily I don’t know anyone who has cancer but this is still a disease we haven’t mastered. Prevention is still the best medicine for it. And enough sleep and exercise is just one factor of it.

I like studying topics outside my work expertise to broaden my horizon. Cancer is one, personal development the other. Intellectual stimulation. And a lot of those learning can be applied to my daily life, killing two birds with one stone really.

You know how I keep saying I am so thankful and happy. I am. Seriously, I am in a stage of my life where I like to just enjoy what I have. Just to carry on. And enjoy. That is great. There are challenges ahead, more to learn, more to gain, more growth and all. And not that I don’t look left or right. But for now I just like to live and work, come home on a Friday, kick back a few glasses of red grape juice and enjoy where I am. The here and now. Now. Nowhere else. You never know how long you can hold on to those good times.

20120727-191018.jpgThinking back to the week I made a lot of progress at work. I have a bunch of really good people working for me. We are making loads of progress on all ends and I am confident to hit the targets I set myself, and the ones that were set for me. On the other hand we have some bad rumours circulating from people that left the company. It bugs me but I am trying to ignore it. This industry is very small. Anyway, only the one who knows knows. Onwards and upwards, still lots to come. Ignore those jealous unthankful people.

The weekend I spend with the family. I had a lot of catching up to do with the boys. I miss them, during the week but guess this is another thing I just need to accept.

Our old neighbours came to visit and we spend a nice day visiting some windmills in the South downs. You probably saw the pictures. It is great to see that we keep in touch with our good friends. I would love to have them as neighbours again. Having said that our new neighbours are lovely too. We have been lucky. The universe is good to us.

That is it really. Another week, and the Olympics are upon of us.

Let’s be excited, let’s take on the challenge.