Sunday Column (180)

Just one of those weeks I guess. A tad stressful but an ok week I suppose. Too much booze but good catch ups. Good nights and chats but no gym training due to a sore foot, just not my week I suppose. And to finish the week off I pulled a muscle in my upper back, eating pain killers like chocolate raisins. I am getting older I suppose.

You know, some weeks, and normally the ones with the unpleasant muggy weather, one just never gets on top of anything. You run out of time, assume train times, miss connections, get delayed. Like a pattern you attract these things. Happens. Line drawn. The universe? What have I done?

You know some weeks, you think you live in paradise. You find out a neighbour gets burgled, and someone tries to steal a cash machine from your local bank. Did we move to the wrong place? Have we made all the right decisions? Are we good? Will the universe be good to us? Will we find our positive energy again?

Of course we will. All things work out at the end, and eating the elephant in small pieces will get us there eventually. Then again if we had won the 148 million in the lottery jackpot this week, we could have accelerated a lot of things. Including retirement 😉

I was thinking about challenges this week, those tasks you have in front of you. The ones that get you out of your comfort zone, get you going, get you learning. All here, all good. That is important to me. That makes me. If those challenges are gone, I will not survive for long, I will seek new ones. I must be crazy I think sometimes. I just cannot relax and chill. Onwards and upwards. Over and over again.

Like an Olympic athlete I suppose. Always be ready, ready to win. To fight. To go the extra mile. To sacrifice. To be the one. To be positive. Yeah! Chaka!

Now the week ended with me presenting my productivity deck at work again. It has been over a year since I last presented it but I still find it useful to my staff. The reason is mainly to create awareness of your energy household, your needs, your aims and objectives and what you really want in life. It is about finding your own path and your own balance. This includes work-life balance but also spiritual balance, dietary balance and physiological balance. I did what I enjoy most: teaching and coaching useful things. Each slide could have been an hour presentation. A seminar. A session.

The weekend was quiet-ish. My back hindered me to do much. A low in DIY enthusiasm, we spend the Saturday chilling out as a family. Sunday on the other hand we went to visit friends in Winchester. They just had a baby boy and it was really good to see them.

It has been a long week, an interesting week. The sun is out and watching the boys in the garden gives me the greatest joy. Walking in the quiet cul-de-sac meeting the neighbours. Potting new plants. Playing and sitting with the boys in the garden watching the world go by. Relaxation. Family.

We arrived.

Have a great week.