Sunday Column (181)

I am not sure where to start this week. We had a fantastic weekend last week and I spend some happy hours with my friends. I wish that those times don’t ever come to an end. Then my MIL arrived with her boyfriend. Colin and Rohan were over the moon. It is happiness all around and I cannot say how much I appreciate to be in the middle of it.

Those days just passed very quickly. I have been flat out at work. Busy. I am getting to this point where I am stressed to an extend I don’t enjoy it. I know it is only temporary, as there are a few projects finishing, new ones starting and some need revisiting. Give me another three weeks and things are back to normal. I enjoy what I do though. And I booked a week off to unwind a bit before Q3 and Q4 hit us. Bring it on. I am ready.

And don’t misunderstand: I don’t mind being busy or working at lot. But sometimes things are getting a bit over the top. For everyone. I guess with me moving house, and the kids settling in and being off school, we still have to find our own routine. So once life is more in balance, things will be good. I guess doing my back in doesn’t help 🙂

I got a few things done in the house, decided on the heating work needing to be carried out. Also we got a present to get the downstairs loo done. We are lucky, fortunate to get so much support. The house is still taking a lot of energy….at least I thought that until I spoke to a business partner who owns a 20 bedroom 18xx property. I guess I am lucky 🙂

Actually I do think I am lucky. I have a fantastic family, the almost perfect family home in an almost perfect village with a perfect distance to work. I have a life life balance, understand a lot about the topics I am interested in, like personal development and coaching. I couldn’t ask for more.

You know I have been suffering from this muscle I pulled. Actually it was more of a nerve thing. I should have listened to the back rub lady on Monday, iced it and focus on ibuprofen. Instead I had more sleepless night and ended up going to a chiropractor who put my joints back into place, taught me how to sit correctly and which exercises I should do for my back. He also sorted out my leg length difference. Wow. Fast pace!

I still have an inflammation that need to be tackled. But I am confident I am getting there.

Anyway, a good weekend finished. Good friends’ time. My wife let me go loose to chill out a bit which I needed. Now time to focus. Next week is going to be exhaustive one again.

Have a good one,