Sunday Column (182)

Now this week passed very quickly. A trip for an important meeting in Germany on Monday, humid 30 degrees. Tuesday an away day with the UK team at go-ape that scared the living daylight out of me. For anyone not familiar, you climb up a tree, balance on things, jump off things and so on. A scary but great character and team building day. I am still sore today. Surely not the best thing for my back as towards the end of the week it was worse again 🙁 Wednesday I went to Bournemouth for client meetings and Thursday/Friday I spend in the office wrapping things up for our office move and before I am off for a week. The family was away so I decided to take a few days off to bond again, pick them up from the airport and be the nice family guy 🙂 more later.

20120825-174630.jpg The weather wears me down a bit. Seven hours sleep, still tired. A few beers, a glass of wine and then: police helicopters and eight (!) police cars chasing a copper theft in Hassocks. No good sleeping. After a first burglary in 33 years, a murder of some junky by another, a suicide and a bank raid attempt, I do start wondering where we moved to. I love it though. Nice neighbours, great outdoors, peace and quiet. Most of the time anyway.

I spend some time cleaning the fish tank this week, really getting into it. Definitely a good investment to get this aquarium, really enjoying it. I look back at the week and ask myself what I have achieved? I made a life better, improved a situation long term, sorted another major improvement, motivated a few folk, supported a few folk, and really moved things forward. Not bad. I learned a lot, and enjoyed myself.

If I look at my life like that I realise how much I actually enjoy it on a daily basis. I have a good job, fantastic colleagues, good friends and an amazing family. Nothing else to wish for. A lottery win maybe. But overall it is great. I look forward catching up with my boys this week. Family time. And my wife of course. In the meantime I catch up on some more sleep before they are back.

So far on Saturday I managed some errands in town, got a deep tissue massage, slept a few hours in the afternoon, watched two movies, stayed in the bath until my skin got wrinkly, and cooked myself a great diner with good wine.

When have you done that last? I love my wife for that.

So good night 🙂