Sunday Column (183)

Another week, another holiday.

Since my wife was away I decided to take the week off to pick her and the kids up from the airport on Tuesday, it is great to have the family back, and I really enjoyed spending so much time with the boys. Proper family time.

Having said that we set off to go to a wedding in Frankfurt on Friday. An early start which got us to Gatwick for 8 am. Lufthansa however cancelled the flight due to strike actions. This generally wasn’t a big problem I thought. They booked us on a plane from Heathrow that was suppose to land at 4 pm, got us some vouchers and put us on the bus. Whilst not very safe, Colin loved the bus ride and we were ready for take off when the Lufthansa flight got more and more delayed.

I tried to stay calm, asked Lufthansa what we or they can do to ease our pain and they booked us on an earlier plane. I thought that was nice until they cancelled our old flight the minute I left their counter. Fair enough, but our final flight got delayed now too. Anyone who has kids can just imagine how I felt with 2 kids at a busy airport. At the end we made it. Some more empty promises from Lufthansa about luggage, about whether our pram will be collected at the gate etc, and a service which was just appalling.

Last but not least we arrived at our destination and celebrated a fantastic wedding. Unfortunately without the children’s kilts. They and my wife’s dress, the wedding gifts and toiletries were in our bag. And that bag still hasn’t arrived at time of writing. I assume we get it some time next week. As I am about to publish the post the case arrived 🙂 Who would have guessed?


We had to buy new cloths last minute which we didn’t budget for and Lufthansa will only reimburse 50%. Wow. What a nightmare. I just hope we manage to get back tomorrow. I can’t take another day off work, and I cannot work from a hotel room. Is Lufthansa insured against me not being able to work?

Anyway I will write the whole story up one day and copy it to Lufthansa customer service. If there’s such a thing. Will be a few hundred pounds out of pocket for a few week thanks to Lufthansa, and I have cloths I don’t need. Never mind. They better not be funny about reimbursements.

Otherwise the week was great. We met with some really good friends, my family and brother’s family. The kids and us had a great time. That is all what matters. A slight pressure on and in my head after the wedding but a great wedding party 🙂 what else does really matter.

Lufthansa however went down in brand perception. With me and thousands of other stranded passengers. They probably lost more money than they had to pay for additional salaries. Silly, annoying and stupid. That paired with bad customer service is just wrong. How can or will those companies survive?

I better stop ranting. We didn’t let ourselves down or got miserable just because some company couldn’t deliver on their promise. I guess I am getting old.

Have a better week,