Sunday Column (184)

What a week.
You ever took a week off and came back to too many emails? Every time? Yupp, that happened to me on Monday night/Tuesday morning. But I managed and by Wednesday I was back on top of things.

Monday: a safe return from Germany. We spend the day in the Opel Zoo in Frankfurt with Oma and Opa. A really nice, sunny day and the kids loved to be with the Grosseltern. I wrote about my Lufthansa experience already, so no need to reiterate.

Tuesday. First day back and catching up.
Wednesday: I worked from home. In the morning we got a new loft insulation. The grants for doing so that the government is giving out expire at the end of September, so we were lucky. Another thing done of our todo list. The thermostatic valves and new water tank should be installed shortly to make sure we are good to go for the winter. Now working from home meant a lot of calls. I spend most of the day on the phone, from 8:30 to 7 pm. Long days and I seem to be working more at home and getting more done than in the office. I also fit in some errands I had to deal with. I miss those commutes home though. At time of drafting this post I look into a dark blue sky above London as the sun sets and we are leaving Victoria station just before 8 pm. Maybe I am romantic after all, I enjoy just starring out there and let my thought have a rampage about things.

Thursday: on the morning train I met an industry colleague. We had a good chat and walked up to the office instead of taking the tube whilst stopping for a nice coffee on the way. Then it was moving day. I was moved to the new office before lunch and was all set up by 2 pm. However, the actual packing and the removal guys took a bit longer, so I wasn’t out of the office before just after 7 pm, just managed to catch up on the essentials.
3 years ago I launched mexad in the UK. I sublet a desk. I didn’t know where RTB was going. I was a sales guy. 6 month later we were cash flow positive, and we added a second person. New sub lease, bigger office which we outgrew 8 months later. By then four of us moved to the last office which we anticipated to last us for a long time. But with mexad being acquired we grew to 12 people in London over night. Now we have space for 24 if we need to. Two meeting rooms. Air conditioning. We are a proper company, a proper business. A great story I look back on. A bit proud of course. My baby.

20120908-164223.jpg On Friday I wanted to start running again. My GP said that this is now ok with my back. However, I gave myself another couple days but I am determined to be back on the treadmill on Monday. The bench will have to wait another few weeks until the back is healed up. That is now ongoing for 4 weeks. Anyway.

A fantastic weekend. Some good planning done, great family time, and still relaxing from the past exhausting days. My new shiatsu massage pillow which arrived this week really helps. Plus my Apple TV. Yes, I finally got this set up….time to sort the iMac. I found out this week that the display is almost retina resolution but the processor should be upgraded this year. So I am holding off for now. One gadget at a time.
Chilling with the family, curry with friends back in Beckenham on Friday, a beach visit to Littlehampton and pizza with a good friend who visited.

I guess this is all folks.

Hope you having as much fun as I do living.

Keep it up!
Best, Volker