Sunday Column (185)

Another busy week. Or just normal I guess. Busy is the new normal. Not complaining, wouldn’t want it any other way. So where are we?

Colin started pre school. A big step for a wee man. Separating from mum in the morning is difficult. His dad cried half an hour in kindergarten before he spoke to any one. Colin cried 30 seconds by end of week. He is a real man. Quirky, bendy, agile, friendly – a real character.

Latter is true for his dad too. To this day I guess. We went through change this week with him. Him growing up and us as parents learning a lot about our kids, and other kids. I love it.

New challenges, not being bored. We all need those changes and challenges. Most of the time things are really going well and sometimes they don’t. Never mind. But the challenge is there. If you loose the challenge, life is getting boring. Same with jobs I suppose, so no problem there.

20120915-190003.jpg New beginnings this week? Our new office at work, I started running before work again and my back is improving day by day. Things are good, new challenges. Only drawback is some kind of man flu bug. Think I am getting it too. Rohan has been poorly this weekend.

I spend two days in Germany this week at the world’s largest exhibition and conference for online and digital marketing: dmexco in Cologne. Having sold exhibitions before and being familiar with the industry I can confidently say that this is the best show I have seen, the must attend event in Europe. I met friends and industry colleagues from all over the world. Some I have known for many years. Of course those days are exhaustive but fun. I remember we used to hope for 10,000 visitors a few years ago but never achieved it. dmexco 2012 welcomed 22,000! Well done!

On Thursday night I was glad to be back home. I fell asleep on the couch quickly. It was worth it. Friday wasn’t much better. The man flu build up, lack of sleep and long days. Next week doesn’t look better.

The weekend was rather quiet. Quality family time. Wow. I seem to either get older or wiser. Saturday morning Colin and I went shopping so I could prepare a Greek chicken dish for my wife at night. The afternoon we spent in Brighton shopping, or attempting to anyway. I really have problems finding a nice blazer. But we found a lot of cloths for the boys. Success.

To round up a good weekend we went for a long exhaustive walk. The South Downs are beautiful. I love living where I live. Like being on holidays.

Have a good week.