Sunday Column (187)

This week started alright I thought. Slightly hung over from Saturday I didn’t feel well on Sunday. But it was Sunday to Monday night that I found out that it wasn’t the booze but some evil virus that made me feel sh@t. A stomach bug.

Two days off sick. Or, as it happens these days, home office from your bedroom in between sleeps and toilet visits. My boss had the cheek to say “you look good being sick”. I didn’t feel it ๐Ÿ™

20120929-201129.jpg On Wednesday I went back to work. Not only did I feel better but I also didn’t have a choice. We got a new water tank and thermostatic valves fitted. No water, no toilet flushing ๐Ÿ˜‰ But as I said I was much better anyway. By time of writing my oldest seem to recover and we wait for the wife to be sick. The youngest had some symptoms already, maybe that was it already? Maybe it wasn’t. A bit of a gamble.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip to Madrid. I haven’t seen my staff there for a while and had some good meetings lined up. Also I wanted to meet our new staff. Never mind, you cannot force things. And looking at times of visits to the bathroom, I am glad I wasn’t sitting in an airplane taking off at the time. I shall meet them all again soon.

Enough about the bug. I am glad we got another thing off our todo list for the house. We are getting the standard we want slowly but surely. We still need to get an outside vent fitted (soon), the garden sorted (October) and the downstairs loo (soon-ish) replaced. And decorating which hopefully will be done with grandpa early November. We are getting there. I feel very homely and comfortable. Definitely the right move.


At the weekend we sat down with neighbours which are in our age group who have two little girls. Not only are we on the same wave length, we also have similar life styles and problems: what to decorate, what next to do in the house, when to see the kids when working late all week…. It is a great life we have but on the other hand we are working very hard to have it.

Now I have a problem with our local dry cleaner. They replaced one shirt already. Now they couldn’t remove another stain from a shirt and I am convinced they put new stains in my shirts. I have to make the decision now to find a new dry cleaner or give them another chance. I think it will be the former.

Colin started to really like school too. I am glad he does. Also, he now plays by himself with his train set in his room. This is such a great development. Scary to see them growing up so quickly. Rohan is a chirpy one, repeating lots of words and wanting lots of cuddles. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very balanced at the moment. I think the change of weather, real autumn storms and rain, plus the sickness, make you a bit reflective. Balanced, not stressed. Harmonised, not hectic. Hope that makes sense. Whenever you are sick, at least for me that’s true, you start going inside yourself. I ask myself why am I sick? Why now? Why me? What does my body or spirit need? And I find out more about myself. I grow stronger out of it. I calm down for a bit, I strengthen up, I come back stronger!

Let’s all have a great week. No travel for me, but probably travel each week from the following week.

Have a good one.