Sunday Column (188)

A whole week in London, in the office, at home. Doesn’t happen too often, so I made the most of it. I caught up with some clients, some old friends, the team, industry peers and so on.

A few lunches, too many coffees. Also I managed to see the kids one night, and I managed to see my dentist in Beckenham too. Fingers crossed this was the last visit, a pain to get to, however a good dentist.

I was thinking this week. About the present, about the future. You know how we, my wife and I, made the decision to stay and live in the UK in order to be close to family. And, that we decided not to be too far away in case family becomes older and needs help. But thinking this week what C and R might become one day, I predicted that C will be an engineer, doing a job which he likes and stays in Europe. R on the other hand might be more academic moving to the USA or even Asia. Funny thoughts. No pressure, no idea where this is coming from. Globalisation. We cannot stop it and the world gets smaller each year. 24 hours and you are at the other end of the world.

That is fine isn’t it? Even living close to our parents, we miss out on the “we pop around Sunday for tea” sessions families have that live in close proximity. I never experienced that. We visited my grandparents once or twice a month. They might have stayed with us for a week. Same now for our boys. But I am sure it won’t be the same for our grand kids. Anyway, still a long time away. So these were some thoughts this week.


Then I got a scare. Not to worry, but as you know I am keen on exploring what to eat to prevent cancer. Lifestyle choices to prevent rather than to cure this disease mankind still hasn’t found a drug for. Now this week I saw a show on TV stating that 1 in 3 will get cancer. That shocked me a bit. Whilst we don’t have a cancer history in my family, there is still a 33% chance of me getting cancer. I used to chain smoke. I enjoy the odd cigar. I love my red wine. Am I at risk? How do I compare to the other 2? If I am ok, will my wife be ok?

There are a few facts I listened to over the last few weeks. One was that there is not enough clean drinking water: more people have access to a mobile phone than fresh/clean drinking water.
Excuse me? I cannot believe that. I easily could provide some clean drinking water from my tap but how can I distribute it? I subscribed to a charity newsletter, as I am determined to take action. I hate to donate £20 and just feel better. I need to do something. Same with cancer. I run (when not sick), I try to eat healthy most days, eat my 5 fruit/vegetables a day, balance my stress level and reduce my alcohol intake as much as I can without beating myself up. I still wait for this day to take more actions. WTF? What is it I am actually waiting for?

You know some people waited all their lives to feel better, get healthier or for something to happen. Nothing is ever going to happen. So I will put an action plan together.

A) reduce bad food intake even further and concentrate on the good, high on free radicals diet. Got a book about nutritions that is aimed at professionals. So hopefully I will learn a lot more about our bodies, adjust, refine and master what I drink and eat.

B) read the next Charitywater and Wateraid newsletter and donate or do something for clean drinking water.

Happier days ahead.

20121007-190742.jpg I need to stick to my guns and make a difference, because I can. Those, Albert Einstein said, who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. True.

I suppose this is enough heavy thinking for a week. There were so many positive things this week too. Starting at work, it was good to spend a week with the team and drill down on some day to day business. We also managed a great team night out. Really feel privileged to work with some very fine people. There were some negatives too but let’s not focus on that one too much. There always will be.

At home C now really loves (!) going to school. He just runs off without saying good bye. My wife is telling me that they have to put their name tag on a tree when they enter the building. I imagine some kind of magnetic board on the wall or so. And he has to have his name tag on the top of the tree. Where else? He wants to be high up. Be the best. He is a winner, see above. So good to see him being so happy and ambitious.

Also when I polished the car today, I asked him to have a look when I filled up the water for the wipers. He knew about the engine and was all fascinated. Later he wanted to see a car race on TV. Boys will be boys I guess.

R is developing a lot. Not only is he copying his brother, he develops his own wee character. Very cute to watch whilst also being a pain in the bum 😉 I am loving them both so much. When we got new fish this weekend he was watching, pointing at them. So cute!

This concludes yet another week. Autumn arrived. Colder nights, foggy mornings. I love autumn. Reflective times. Good days.

The next three weeks I will be travelling again. Before I know it it is winter.

Brrr 🙂

Stay well.