Sunday Column (19)


This week’s column might be a bit shorter. Purely because this week was my first week off since I got made redundant a few weeks ago. I had in total about 20 meetings with recruitment consultants, friends, companies and quite a few interviews amongst them. At the end, I took an offer from a company that will focus on the area I have been working on, heading their Business Development efforts. I will start with them as early as next week and finalised everything early this week. Watch my Linkedin Profile for the update on where I am going if you haven’t already found out 🙂

I am very much looking forward going back to work. Whilst it means to leave the boy at home with the wife and not seeing him as much, I might get away with changing nappies and feeding him during the day. Might mean more night shifts 🙁 Anyways, I love my job, working and my career. So cannot wait to dig my heels in again and get going!

With the decision being made on Monday this week, I didn’t do much the rest of the week. I tried getting a blackberry for my private account but need to wait 2 months in order to get a better deal as my contract runs out then. So I have to be patient. My wife is glad me not checking my emails all the time but I have to say that I am a bit addicted to it.

In the anticipation of the arrival of my parents for the weekend and my mother in law for early next week, we managed to clean and tidy the house. We got so many presents and cards and will send out individual thank you cards over the next weeks. However, we are very grateful for all the generosity we encountered and the love we received on behalf of our boy. It has been truly amazing!

Regarding nappies: we had to buy a 2nd bin for outside. With foxes being around and bin bags not being an option, we are now one of the few houses having two bins. And, that means our take aways we had this week could all go into the bin too 🙂 We have been lazy cooking and lazy doing anything, really taking time with the boy this week. It is our holiday really – just with less sleep.

On Thursday I met a friend I haven’t seen for a while. It was good to catch up with her and thank you for coming all the way to Beckenham in order to meet us. She now lives in Chicago and it has been a while. Time always seems to fly and I would have enjoyed to have her for diner and a few drinks as well, but her time was limited too. I guess I need to fly to Chicago sometime.

Thursday night I went out with my friend from Tai Chi, recovered Friday and my parents arrived just after lunch. They brought nice “Knochenschinken” and white asparagus. A typical German meal I didn’t have for a while. So enjoyed that.

The weekend passed quickly so far. My mother in law arrived on Sunday and we having a BBQ as we speak and I better get back to turn the chicken satay my wife made. We love our family and having them around for cooking, BBQs and days out. We went to see the Downs House of Charles Darwin yesterday. However, I cannot wait to get back in a routine without visitors, a job and I assume my wife is glad to see me out of the house again from next week.

Wish me all the luck, expertise and fun in my new job! I am looking forward to a new challenge!