Sunday Column (191)

What a fantastic week. At least I like to think so.

Sitting here, thinking what to write, I can only sum this week up as being very good for networking, meeting old and new friends, catching up with industry and non industry peers, and on Friday I managed to take Colin to school for the first time since we moved. Summary over.


C was asking for me all week, as I was hardly home. Then come Saturday he would not go out with me. The car didn’t start, new battery needed, and I took the train to go shopping for yet another cheese fondue. But he wouldn’t come. Later we went to the airport to pick up my MIL but he didn’t like to come until my wife came along, and boy did we have fun at the airport: the train between the terminals, escalators, the lot.

In reality the week was a bit different to the summary. It was a lot of hard work, yes some jollies, a conference (IAB ENGAGE) and watching Game of Thrones with my wife at night. Still recovering from my cold, I wasn’t feeling too great until about Thursday. So I was glad that on Friday I managed to work from home in order to catch up with the family, some tasks and admin from work. What I really like about working from home is that you actually get a lot of reading and catching up done whilst still being more productive than in the office. Of course that’s only the case if Outlook doesn’t strike.

Yesterday my MIL arrived. Luckily I get along fine with her, and it allows my wife and I to go out tonight for a meal. Instead of anything overly fancy, she decided to visit a famous gastro pub in Ditchlings. Why not. I will publish this probably whilst I am out and about, so will update you on twitter or Facebook accordingly.

On Friday night we had our neighbours over. A retired regional football star and his wife. A fantastic enjoyable night over a few glasses of wine and beer as well as excellent cheese. I enjoy those evenings at home, particularly now that it gets colder at night.


Whilst we don’t have a log fire yet, it seems to be very cosy nevertheless. With increasing energy prices this of course isn’t too great to have the heating on full, but what should you do?

I got cosy in life too, set in my ways, lots of booze, fun and sleep over the last few months. From Monday I want to go running again in order to get fit and healthy. If you believe it or not, my back is still a bit sore. I treated myself to a deep tissue massage and chiropractor visit this weekend. Good call. My body seems to respond to it better than to shiatsu, so I am back in two weeks.

Whilst typing this sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine, my 2 year old climbs on the chair opposite me and laughs. Moments like these are priceless. I love my little family. Tiring but so much fun! Part of me cannot wait for them being older while the another part wants to stop time in their tracks.

Anyway, no need to get sentimental. Life is as it is. You need to accept it, and make the most of it. Live it to the max and also live it to the best of your knowledge. What I mean is healthy and consciously.

I love my life, I love living. I love pushing myself, I like making dents.

I am regaining energy as we speak, roll on 5 am on Monday!

Have a great week,
and don’t get too cosy!