Sunday Column (193)

Another week, another travel I suppose. As you might have read I went to Milan for a day. I think this was the first flight this year where I didn’t order a drink on the way back but slept most of the time instead. I am exhausted. Not really worth this short trip overall, however very much worth it given the clients we visited. So overall a good trip, but very tiring. A 4 am start, 3 hours flight return, waiting, client meetings. At least my back seems to improve a bit whilst I think I might come down with another cold. A never ending story.

Then someone broke into our office this week. That was fun to sort that out….not! I have the feeling I am in front of a giant tennis ball machine constantly trying to avoid the tennis balls. Life throws things at me, minor as some might seem, and I need to avoid them. Like in the matrix avoiding these bullets…. Anyhow.

Naturally, I am very positive, enthusiastic and motivated. Life is ok. I am ok. I am breathing. You remember? I might have a little low at the moment but that will pass. Things will pick up and we will fly. Of course 🙂

I wrote about fish dying recently. More died and it might just be due to overcrowding and stress due to me mixing breeds that don’t go together. A close friend gave me an analysis and after a few more fish are dead I will re-arrange the species in there. Learning I suppose. I still enjoy it but need reassurance that I am doing the right things. What else happened this week?

The US election of course. Barack Obama, the first black US president and Noble peace price winner, got re-elected. I liked Romney, seemed like a good and capable guy to run a country, however I am glad Obama won. He seems solid and on track. I saw Bill Clinton during the election. Boy did he get old but he still got the spirit. I look at those leaders and wonder what they possess what I don’t have or I cannot learn? 20121109-200111.jpg What if the answer to the above question is “nothing in particular”. I think it is.

Without disrespect, those guys are smart, Harvard educated, have a daily coach I imagine and a bigger team, also a lot more funding, but I believe that a lot of people will be able to speak and motivate like those guys with the right eduction and coaching. Maybe even myself. A lot of people don’t want to of course. It comes back to what I was writing a few weeks ago: some people are happy of doing a job, come home for dinner and watch TV. I need progression. I love/hate ceilings, I need to break through them. For me this has always been like that. I find something to do, want to excel in it, grow with it but when I hit ceiling I abandon it like an unloved toy. Sometimes I play with it again, sometimes I just put it in the shelf. Depends.

As a reference for later. This might explain why I have so little hobbies. If asked about my hobbies i I would have to say: I read a lot, productivity, personal development, NLP, chess tournaments, my fish, running, family. But I don’t have a motor bike anymore, an old timer, a dog, or do any wood carving. My passion is myself & others. Maybe boring for some but people are people are people.

Ok, so much happened this week that I need to summarise. 11/11: remembrance day. The poppy appeal I was talking about last week. A fantastic parade in London with veterans from the war and service man. Thanks guys for giving for us. You gave your today to save our tomorrow!

Then we got the garden started.

20121109-200652.jpg That means that by mid next week we should have nice lawn, a patio and a path with space for our bins. We are excited. Also we should have a new WC downstairs. Hopefully this will conclude renovation but my wife and dad decorating next weekend. Almost done 😉

On Saturday we met a friend I haven’t seen properly since leaving Aberdeen. A trip down memory lane and good catch up. A good day. On Sunday we re-homed Gretel, our tortoise shell cat. She never was the same since we got kids. After we moved and she got attacked by a neighbouring cat, she hasn’t been happy. Luckily a good friend was happy to take her. Thanks. It is hard to see her go, we got her as a kitten, but it will be the best for her. We keep Haensel of course.

On Friday I was at home with a stomach bug which is why I might have been so tired all week. My back is still not 100% and I went back to the chiropractor. My personal todo list gets longer by the day. One day I will be fit again to sort everything out. At the moment I am just not. That concludes another week to be honest.

A nice Sunday with the boys. The wife was away for most of the day allowing for great time to bond with the boys. We had a blast as you can imagine.

Have a great week. Mine is so busy that I cannot wait for a few days off from Friday.