Sunday Column (194)

The only wealth in this world is children; more than all the money, power on earth, you are my treasure. The Godfather III

As cheesy as it might sound, it couldn’t be more true. Annoyingly, I wrote this post on my flight back from Madrid this week but WordPress allowed it to be deleted. Hence I need to recap what I was writing. But I was thinking about my job and travelling. Nothing major.

I have been VP International Sales for a year. Hence the recap maybe. Sounds like a great title, however titles are not all that important. The role and responsibility for me is the key to any role. I could be a sales manager for that matter as long as I had enough responsibility and could make enough decisions. Having been the first satellite office for my company and very knowledgable ( 🙂 ), working in the most advanced market in Europe for RTB, I got the task to help the local Country Managers in Italy and Spain to get off the ground. It is a fantastic and challenging role allowing for much growths and development.

Visiting Madrid shows me that they don’t need me very often. Whilst I can still help and be useful, I am obviously still important in some senior meetings showing face whilst reducing the busy schedule for my CEO. So all good. But the ground work is done I suppose.

However, additionally to travelling the world I also still run the UK office. Quite a challenge and busy life. With the whole travel comes the sacrifice for the family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and what I do, but getting up at the crack of dawn to fly to Southern Europe, be away for a night and then back again, arriving usually late at night, can be quite exhausting. Also the boys are missing me. Not that I see them a lot during the week, they just know I am not at home 🙁 I am happy to make the sacrifice but probably preferred to be away longer and focus more on travel. In return I would have a few days working from home and travel less regularly if that makes sense. Not sure it does.

Enough about my job. After celebrating my friend’s birthday on Monday night, I felt a bit tired on Tuesday. I just can’t have more than two pints on a school night. Age I suppose. My back on a positive note is improving a lot, and once another cold has passed, I will be back in training. I am eager to get stuck into my exercise routine again and loose another few pounds that I then can fill up at Christmas without regret 😉


Looking at my life I am very happy. A good job as described above, a healthy amount of travelling, and reasonable if not in comparison good health. I am on an upward spiral again with my back and soon running routine. Things look good. Changes that I anticipate in the next couple of months are looking bright too. Of course that is all subject to change. But Christmas is around the corner, more time off.

But the joy is my family. Seeing my wife and my dad decorate together whilst I watched the kids with my mum gave me some really good time with the kids. Taking the oldest to school, watching TV, going for walks. Family is where it all comes together. Challenges. Love. Passion. Fear.

I couldn’t do it all without a family. Life would be boring and simple. There weren’t any challenges. Also, getting a night or so away from home every now and then really helps improve my sleep schedule. I had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. I enjoy the time. Even without proper lie ins and it being hard work to watch my kids all day, just being with them makes me happy.

We then finished the garden this weekend and the downstairs WC is almost finished. I need to find proper before/after pictures and will publish them here soon.

Have a happy week yourself.

Best wishes,