Sunday Column (196)

After a bit of confusion and premature publication on Thursday, I have now got the revised version of my Sunday Column ready 🙂

Now this week has been rather interesting. Let me start with my new job role as of first of January. I will no longer look after any international business but solely focus on the UK market. As this has been communicated, I think it is fair to publish it here. There are of course many reasons for it, but the one I am happy to share is the focus for our company in the UK market. Being the most important market in Europe for our industry, we need a strong leader and someone solely dedicated to the market based in London. So come 1st of January, I am 100% back as Managing Director UK.

Then something funny happened. Chatting with someone the other day I was asked “what made you laugh last week”? I was stuck for an answer. Even this week or today I couldn’t tell you. I laugh a lot with the kids and they come up with all sorts of things that are funny, but I don’t really recall anything ad hoc. Work isn’t funny at the moment, however I don’t think there is a bad mood in the office either. Do I focus on the non funny aspects of life, I wonder? Is my map of the world gloomier than I thought it is? I am a very positive person, just remembering laughing at the 2 year old sitting in the bidet. Never mind but this question got me thinking. I don’t take myself too seriously, do I?

20121129-082608.jpg Waterstone’s tube ad grabbed my attention. About “the child in the book store”. That made me think. Maybe another gloomy thought but will my kids actually experience book stores or libraries for that matter? Or will it all be digitalised? Will I ever take them to the British Library and walk around all those millions of books and get them fascinated in reading and writing and history and all those things? Or will they be stuck to a touch screen reading off the clouds. We shall see but I am fearful that some of our history will be archived. Will book stores disappear? Whilst I am not the biggest reader, I always enjoyed wandering around book stores, sitting down in a coffee place and read a book for a while. Then another. There is something fascinating about it. Something peaceful.

Maybe I am just getting into the Christmas mood already. Less than four weeks. The Salvation Army playing Silent Night at Victoria Station, Christmas drinks being arranged. I believe I have a Christmas function every night in the last week before Christmas. Crazy but good. I hope anyway. Then we went to the Hassocks street fair and light up of Christmas lights. I love this little community and people we meet. People live in Hassocks for a reason. A good reason. We all have things in common.

I have been back on the treadmill all week. 5 days. 5 km each. I have also done some weights. Upward spiral.

20121129-182918.jpg I am aiming high. With the weights I am aiming high enough but I don’t want to overdo it either. Achievement. I am getting stronger, things falling into place. My massage therapist was pleased with my back. Good days.

On Friday when I worked from home to take the kids to the “light up Hassocks”, I spent some good time with the kids. I so enjoy spending time with my two wee ones, I sometimes wonder if I should stay at home. However, the mortgage doesn’t pay for itself. Maybe the lottery will help one day 😉 You never know. On Saturday I spent all afternoon with Rohan. Good times.

It got colder now. Winter I suppose. I got my furry hat out. I cleared my Barbour jacket from mould. People give me a smile re my outfit. New fingertip less gloves. My new jumpers keep me warm and overall I am very happy and content. Already in the Christmas mood!

Have a great week, December, here we go.