Sunday Column (2)

Here we go again, my 2nd column. A week into March already and it has been a busy week.

Work is very busy and I try to not spend too much time there. Not because I don’t like it but because I need to unwind and have a life too. Guess it comes down to work life balance.

However, I am off with work to Oslo next week, for our first non-UK based International Search Summit. Very exciting!

My first 5 weeks of Tai Chi are over as well. And I absolutely love it. Shame I cannot go next week, but the course continuous for at least another 5 weeks, probably forever. I really enjoy it.

What else is happening? I planted another raspberry and a blackberry bush in the garden. Also cut the grass, got rid of some fungus growing on our wall and put some fertiliser on the grass. So the garden is ready for my veggies. I planted the seeds in little pots, so hopefully they will come out nicely soon.

Jen is nesting and decided to decorate the hall. I ended up sanding the floor in the entrance area and we removed the carpet there and on the stairs. Now we got dust all over the house – I guess the reason why I hate DIY is because of all the dirt and I am very particular in what is being done and how it is done. So I am never really satisfied with what I have done. If that makes sense 🙂

I guess these are the main news from our end. Would love to hear from people what they are up to. Just this week I connected with someone I went to High School with in the US, about 15 years ago. Time flies and you seem to lose touch with so many people you once liked. Shame, isn’t it?

Last night we went out to a friend’s 30th birthday party. Hardly made it in time running late with the sanding. But it was good to be out and have a few Paulaner Hefeweizen and catch up with some great people. Good chat about the industry and developments too. Very interesting.

Today we really just chilled. After trying to rid the living room from some dust – a nightmare. But the hall is done. Still the painting and stairs etc. to do, but the dirty, dusty stuff is done.

Am on the road a lot next week, so might be quieter than usual in the blog. Speak soon,