Sunday Column (20)

How annoying. My blog didn’t work, or the server was down. Contacted the dreamhost server people but took a while until it got fixed. But it wasn’t dreamhost’s problem but a faulty plug in. Many more information on that are available on this WordPress help site. The customer support is great and very friendly. Love those guys 🙂 Thank you.

This week was a good week. My parents stayed last weekend and we had a good time. Then my mother in law and her boyfriend arrived on Sunday so we had a great family BBQ. Pictures to follow at some point. Really enjoyed quality family time although Colin kept us up all night and we were very tired.

On Tuesday I had to go to a water deprivation test. They made me fast, e.g. no food or water, from 8 am in the morning and then looked at my blood and urine concentration. It gave me lots of time to listen to podcasts and to read a book and magazines. But when they clearly made a mistake and took wrong readings, they first accused me of secretly drinking water and then decided to keep me until 8.30 pm. So I spend 12 hours not eating or drinking. Didn’t enjoy that at all. And, if they hadn’t made the mistake of taking down the wrong measurements, I wouldn’t have to repeat the test either. Luckily I got an outpatient appointment in a few weeks time and will discuss it with the consultant then. It is ridiculous to wanting me to repeat a test just because they messed it up. Needless to say this does not shed a good light on my NHS experience nor does it help me with any confidence in the British health system.

Wednesday was my first day back at work. I now work with Profero, a full service digital agency, where I look after the business development of their performance marketing side of things. So far I really enjoy it. There is a lot to learn about the company and I spend most of my first days getting my head around the position, the company and the offering. However, it looks like it will be highly enjoyable and with lots of nice people. Although based in Camden, I can take a direct train to St. Pancras which allows me to skip the tube and walk from there to the office in about 10-15 minutes.

My Tai Chi is progressing too. I went on Thursday and realised I need to practice more. I will! I decided to practice 10 minutes every morning before I go to work. That is the plan anyway.

Also, with Colin being around, I need different routines to do the stuff I need to do when he is sleeping and spending more time with him when he is awake. At the moment, as much as I love my wee boy, I feel it is more work than fun. Sure it gets more fun when he grows up. He is only 4 weeks this week, actually today. Wouldn’t want him to not be here for anything in the world though. As much work as he is, he is great fun and very very cute 🙂 And, I truly respect my wife who works relentlessly during the day to keep him and the house in order. I wouldn’t want to swap any job with her either. Thank you so much for that, Jenny! I am very proud of that and love you very much.

On Sunday I managed to go back to the gym for a 5 kilometer run. It was good to do some exercise again. Unfortunately, I canceled my membership and went back to their “pay as you go” scheme. Mainly because I don’t go often enough 🙁

We had some friends around for coffee this afternoon, so it was a well round up week. Lots of excitement. I believe the next 4 weeks will be to get back to a routine and manage to work, enjoy the boy and spend quality time at home too. As always when you start something new, it takes time to get used to things.

Jenny and I are very happy and grateful for that. So we don’t want to complain – but about Vodafone….I will blog about that later once things are hopefully resolved. Thank you all for your support, presents, thoughts and prayers. They are all much appreciated.

Love and Kindness,