Sunday Column (200)

The 200th Sunday Column. That makes it just under four years. I am happy and proud that I found an outlet by continuing to write this column which started as a blog about personal development, then a personal blurb to now a mixture of thoughts, ideas and my weekly thoughts about life – my blurb I suppose.

It is almost the end of 2012. Maybe a good time to reflect on what happened this year.

Milestones this year were probably in January when work announced that the company was sold to another company. Whilst it didn’t have too much of a direct impact this year, it will have a bigger impact next year. Exciting times ahead and I am happy in the space I am at. Also, we got a new car and after deciding to move away from Beckenham after over 8 years we found a place in Hassocks. We made an offer in January for a new place.


In February a mayor change happened. I split my private and personal phone, sold my HTC Android phone to work and got myself an iPhone. The rest is history. Two iPads and an iMac as well as AppleTV later… Steve Jobs convinced me from his grave, through his biography, that Apple is the way forward. I never looked back and I am amazed to see things just working perfectly together. Oh yes, I still have an iPod too from years ago…. My iPad is my productivity and laptop replacement I couldn’t live without anymore.


I am not sure if anything big happened in March but we were in the process of buying the new house. Things I believe came through in April and despite delays we moved into the new place in June 2012. Something which not only changed our lives but also was the best thing we have done (ever). Better schools for the boys, a proper family home, space, country life, country walks and a commute which helps me to unwind after a long day at work and lets me have lots of time to work and read in the morning. The train line is often a pain but other than that we cannot complain at all. 25 minutes to Gatwick airport, from there into the world.

I turned 35 which could start my midlife crisis any day now 😉 Most of those months, looking back, are a blurr of travelling to mainly Italy, working and sorting out the house. I am sure more happened, like with the kids and getting a treadmill. Funny how certain aspects of life just show through above most others. May was just another month flying past with a trip to Rome and final preparation for the move.




Summing up July, August and September I’d say: we worked on the house. Organising the removal of asbestos, a new front door, window repairs, garden tidying, removal of a shed, a new shed, removal of lots of rubbish, cleaning, new garage ceiling, decorating, new loo downstairs etc. Some didn’t get finished in that time period but closer to the end of the year, however it was a big project to move into that place. But it is ours now and we are happy. What else could we wish for?

My parents, particularly my dad was a great help and sitting here at the end of the year it is amazing to see how much we got done. The summer as most of this year was wet. Pending the next couple of days we might have the wettest year in Britain since records begun.
Oh we also went to a wedding, Colin started school and I injured my back doing weights. We re-homed one of our cats too.






Looking through my calendar there weren’t any big things in October. I believe life just continued in this month. I travelled a bit to Italy, was ill and couldn’t travel to Madrid but on the other hand tried to make an effort to do things with the kids every weekend. Our 5 year anniversary was due. We went for a “posh” country pub diner with live music. A treat for us 🙂

Life has changed so much since we started living together. From DINK (double income no kids) to one income, two kids and a mortgage ;-( I guess we moved from one to four bedrooms in the same time, from city flat to country life. No regrets. I sometimes wonder what the next five or fifteen years bring. I will go with the flow and will patiently wait.

Not sure when it was exactly but this guy doing the free fall from space still fascinates me. I cannot think of his name just now but what he does needs so much mental strength I cannot imagine. I hardly cope with two kids balling around me 😉 Lots of respect to him.


In November I got a bit reflective. Also, it was very cold that month. Maybe a month too early I looked back at this year and realised I put on a bit of a belly, hence I started running again, did my back in over the summer (getting old?) and now I was back to a routine of 5 am run in the garage and weights. Was I at the end of my goals? Is that it? Routine. End of life? Will I do that until I retire?

Certainly not! I have lots of energy left I need to release for good causes, and use my time to achieve more. Let’s see what 2013 has in stock for me. Needless to say that by writing this post, reflecting on this year and re-reading some of my old diaries, I learned a lot. I closed more chapters, wrote a few cards to people that are important to me, and trying to close a few more conversations I had. Yes, a bit sentimental, a bit morbid thinking I need to tell people what I think before I die. Not really running out of time soon I hope. Anyway. Done.

2013 is year which I think will be very important for me. For us. For the family and myself. Both in terms of settling into the new life, but also for me progressing in my career and life ambitions.


December just flew past. A week in the office, a week in Boston and a week full of Christmas parties prior to a two week break. Decembers are like that. Probably a good thing.


Overall a good year. I learned a lot and met a huge amount of new people, in the new place but also through work. Some great influencers and key industry folk. Loving it.

We stayed healthy but my back which improved a lot from October. It is almost where it was. That is without counting various bugs and viruses of course.
We started working out again and getting into a routine to exercise. My belly will eventually go, aim is to be back at an ideal weight around my 36th birthday. Darn, I better get going 😉
We found friends in the new place, and so did the kids. They are settling in well. We do too and have fantastic neighbours. Gladly we stay in touch with our old neighbours who we met again this weekend.

I am very grateful for what we have and how we live. I am blessed with two healthy if handful of boys. I am delighted to share my life with the most amazing, intelligent and beautiful woman ever.

The world didn’t end in 2012. So I am looking forward to add a dog to the family in 2013 (subject to approval by my beloved wife), settle more into our country life (maybe get this Landrover Defender?) and make the job I have the success it deserves. Also I would like to take on some more extracurricular activities. There is a club I might join or find another one that might suit me. We shall see. Loads to do! 2012 with the move and things put me a bit in stealth mode for next year.

BRING IT ON! Onwards and Upwards!!!

All the best to you and your family for 2013.

Love and Happiness from my corner of the world.