Sunday Column (203)

A week that finished with SNOW! Yes, the white stuff. Colin loved it. I haven’t seen him that excited about anything lately. Maybe the puzzles. But he loved the white stuff, playing in it until he was really cold. I tried to explain to him that if it melts it turns into water. Not sure if he understood. Whilst he was apprehensive when I didn’t pick him up from school with the car, he loved the snow the whole way home. Also, Rohan loves the snow. Not as enthusiastic as Colin but just loves to be outside. The overall state of the country is the same as ever, little or no snow: the train system had problems, flights got cancelled, and I am about to fly to Germany tomorrow. Or do I? It was a wise decision for me to stay at home on Friday. Most colleagues left around lunch time as the transport system, once again, collapsed. London in the snow. Nothing new there.

I am going backwards. Saturday night I spend a night out in Hassocks! Yes, a whole night in the local pub. That was a first. We enjoyed ourselves and Sunday was a bit slow because of that. No regrets though. Next night out is planned for in 2 weeks time already. Time to meet the locals…or for the locals to meet me 🙂 I love living down here and be in my own little space. I sometimes cannot believe how lucky I am. Not only the spacious house but the space for the kids, the schools, the countryside. Everything really.


Looking into my German heritage: Colin started gymnastics again and absolutely loves it. My grandparents met whilst doing gymnastics back in the 1920ies. “About” a hundred years ago. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Or that he watches daddy doing weights in the garage? I am not sure but love the fact that he does like it, and love the fact that it is continuing with a tradition. Long it may last. Rohan with his blond hair and blue eyes is called a “German baby” by some, so there must be something shining through. It is amazing how they grow, interact and engage with you. Particularly this weekend with the snow and cuddles on the sofa, I would love that time to never pass. But someone has to be the bread winner. And actually, I don’t mind it. Still missing them though 🙁

Rohan’s chicken pox are more or less gone. We are waiting for Colin to have his. Can’t be long now.

Then I spend a lot of time this week catching up with industry friends. Drinks, diner, coffees. I love the relationships I have built over the years. I am connected, and enjoy the exchange to find out what is happening, what the gossip is and how the industry ticks. You get the odd tip on what to do or how to handle some problems of your own, but you also can give some advice to people at the same time. Give and take I suppose. Great to have friends in the industry you work in. I love this industry! I love the people!

So overall life is great at the moment. Time with the family, a great job and good challenges. It drives me on. I also started looking for the next challenge. A hobby for me to have. A charity yet personal development. Business yet non profitable. I keep you posted. A club. A membership for life maybe. Similar or just the opposite to my German fraternity. I haven’t decided yet but evaluate as we speak.


And, in line with clearing out my life, I went through a box of letters I had for ages. You wouldn’t believe it. Some letters from people I had forgotten about. Old flames from holidays, my exchange year in the US, ex US high school people, friends who stayed the summer with friends of mine and moved away. There are a few points and memories here:

– letters: I kept letters. Paper with ink on them. Pictures, drawings, pencil, smell, old post codes ones (new ones were introduced in Germany in 1993), so some letters were over 20 years old.
– no Facebook, emails, digital stuff
– we used to spend the whole day in the swimming pool, no iPhone or internet, exchanged names, addresses and sent letters to each other, apologising if there was a delay of 2 weeks to answer them
– we tried to meet up at a certain place and time we agreed in letters, spoke maybe on the phone (but that was awkward as one had to ask for the parents and there was only one phone in the hall way), but then you missed each other: times before mobile phones
– we sent letters to impress, we sent letters when we were angry. By the time the letter reached the recipient, the mood had changed. Emails are instant. SMS are instant.

Times have changed. Obviously. People are coming into your life for a reason. Some never hung around. Some even were forgotten. Apologies. Then not really. Every now and then one of those old connections comes back. Coincidence. Some people just manage to show up in your life every few years to mess things up and disappear again. It isn’t them that mess things up. It is something that you haven’t solved with them. Today I believe I closed a few more chapters. Looked back a bit more and drew another few lines. Today I lived in the past for a couple of hours to further look into the future. Does that make sense?

It is time to publish the post. One of the few ones that are written on a Sunday night. My wife is out, the shopping just arrived and the boys are in bed. I will soon retire in my “grand dad chair” and put my feet up.

Good night. Good week. Safe travels.