Sunday Column (21)

Time seems to fly, doesn’t it? I keep saying that every week.

This was my first full week at my new job and I really enjoy it. I believe it is the first job change where I change within my expertise, working in the field of Search Marketing, Social Media and Digital. And, I really enjoy my new colleagues, the office, the work, just everything.

On Tuesday I was supposed to meet a friend in Soho. I tried finding him, but instead I ended up in a studio where they did some nude paintings. Not that I minded, but was kind of confused. Guess that is Soho for you, you never know what’s behind the next door. Unfortunately, I never found my friend who I still believe was the model 🙂

On Thursday I noticed my progress in Tai Chi after practicing almost every day. I have been getting into a routine to do a 10 minute practice session every morning before I go to work. Not on Thursday though. I slept in and only got up a 7.44, leaving me 20 minutes to catch my train. Luckily my neighbour gave me a lift and I made it in time. I only slept in 2 days in my life and surely that is the last thing I wanted to do in my first day at my new work.

On Friday for lunch I met a good friend for a catch up and at night I met another friend of mine in the Hospital Club. If I say friend this is due to us knowing each other for over 2 years, however, never really had the chance or time to sit down and just chat. And we did just that on Friday and it was really good. And, as he didn’t drink alcohol, I didn’t drink either, ending up with lots of Apple Mint drinks. Very enjoyable night.

Saturday got us some more “baby visitors”. Our friends from Essex came over and we spent a lovely day in Beckenham, having pints and food in the Ye Ole George. Colin behaved himself most of the time and honestly, I just felt knackered after an afternoon in town.

I seem to be coming down with a cold or something. Of course I am paranoid that it is the Swine Flu, but that might just me thinking that because it is all over the news. My throat is a bit sore and I could sleep a lot.

My wife luckily does most night shifts with the boy and I am left with the “just before bed” feed. However, I just don’t seem to get enough sleep and with the weather being poorly, muggy and me feeling too warm and uncomfortable, I just seem to be worn out. That is of course only temporary. They say after 6 weeks, e.g. end of next week, babies are getting quieter and I hopefully get some better nights sleep. I probably shouldn’t complain, it could be a lot worse, but guess being tired just makes you moan 🙂 The boy is really great and gets more interactive by the day. Really enjoying it!

Sunday, as of above, was just chilling out. We had to do some stuff in the house and sort some bits and bobs. But that was it really.

Have a great week. The weather isn’t suppose to get much better, but enjoy the British summer anyway 🙂