Sunday Column (210)

What a week! From snow to sunshine to rain; from a busy day to a hectic day, to a long media night; from proper man flu to a common cold; this week saw a lot of variety. Sleepless nights. Delayed travel. Good chats. Progress. Overall, probably not a bad week.

In retrospective of last weekend , re the dog, I learned a lot. Maybe you want to call me naive but if we were to get a dog, R must be at least 3 years old, and C must loose his fear of dogs, so it would have to be a young one. On top of that it either must be a low maintenance dog or my wife and I need more time. Probably the former; so it will take another two years I suppose before we get one. And in the meantime we can always rent one ๐Ÿ™‚ A very good experience though.


I kept myself busy with a proper fish tank clean and weed out last Sunday too. I enjoy that hobby and have further plans on getting some more fish. I originally dreaded the work and effort but a big clean only happens every 3 months. And the joy for the kids as well as the relaxation coming from the tank when watching the fish, is worthwhile the effort. I’d love to get a second one, just to try out different things. Mad I suppose.

The snow this week caused a lot of disruption. I enjoyed it but couldn’t work from home that day due to 5 interviews I had to attend. It is nice to live in a fast pace environment, and growing company and industry. I caught up with my boss, my boss’ boss, our marketing lead, and realised how far I have come since uni, interviewing interns. Boy, I am getting old, and the skill set and CVs have changed. Besides age you ain’t putting hobbies on your CV any more. I always ask for the latter, as I am keen to understand the person behind the person if that makes sense. Looks like we found an intern and are closer to appointing another key position. Progress! And I enjoy the progress. Those who know me closer are aware that I had some difficulties seeing direction but this is all over now. Things are a lot clearer and moving along nicely. I am a happy person working in an area and company I enjoy working for. Some great people. Some of the finest!

Hobbies: I finally made up my mind as to which bike to buy. So I am going to get, or got by time of publishing, a Specialized Hardrock. An entry level mountain bike with front suspension, hard tail, hydraulic brakes and usual gears. I really don’t have a clue but like what I got. Now I am all set to go to the South Downs every weekend in order to get fit and get out. I cannot wait for next weekend. Plenty of apps share preferred routes and you even get competitions for timings etc. Crazy how “cycling” has changed from when I was a kid. The gear (leg warmers!), the bike, the engineering. Surely there will be more bike posts soon.


Focus is something else that came up a lot this week. My focus is shifting towards family for a while, now hobbies like cycling, fish tank and weekends. I guess family almost forces you to do that, and I mean that in a good way. However, that doesn’t mean I work less, less efficient or less hours but probably with more focus and concentration on the things that really matter.

Streamlining and focusing go hand in hand. I stopped worrying about some tasks others can do and focus on what I need to get done, deliver on what I need to deliver, and help where I can help. With a growing team, unlike 3 years ago, I don’t have to worry about setting up laptops, sorting servers, laying cables etc. anymore. It is great to see the transformation from 1 person to now 15, and counting. Thanks S for the opportunity (2nd praise in one post ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

What else happened really…..I had another massage. After 4 weeks reduced running activities (man flu, shin splints), and my therapist being on holidays, I finally got my back and shoulders sorted again. This felt soooooo good ๐Ÿ™‚ I can only recommend the Heeler Centre in Hassocks. Great staff. I got the bike and spend lots of time with the kids this weekend. you might have seen pictures on Facebook of train tracks etc. It was great and needed, as the kids seem to ask more for me during the week. I don’t see the kids during the week, so working from home, bathing them and being around (if not playing) helps a lot for them to see that I am there. I love that flexibility my job gives me.

Then the pope got elected. What shall I say. I am not catholic and don’t really care, but since the pope is such a big figure in the world, it is good to see that the elected pope seems a bit more liberal yet strict on some topics. Maybe a good person to get the church back on track. We shall see. It is like electing a CEO to get a company back on track with the difference that the church probably never goes down or bankrupt if that makes sense? The CEOs (popes) will keep coming, no matter what.

Never mind. 10 days to Easter and some more family time. 10 days to hopefully get some DIY done, sort out some house stuff etc. and then sorting the loft after Christmas when my parents are up. There is always something to do.

Have a great week.

See you soon,