Sunday Column (211)

I am starting this post whilst sitting in bed. 8 pm on Wednesday. No, I am not ill but tired. Last night I had a good night out with a friend who I haven’t seen for a long time, came home for half 10 and thanks to an ill boy and another unsettled boy, I spent half the night awake. I was so shattered I worked from home on Wednesday. I am lucky I can do that, although I recently found out there is a legislative for it too, e.g. giving employees time for family and family matters. Anyhow, whilst writing I just took R into our bed, with temperature and a cough he wouldn’t settle by himself. Three sentences on and he is more or less asleep. Bliss.

Our weeks have been like that lately, I had the man flu, the kids are ill, musical beds….the joys of family. On Monday I was so tired I couldn’t even sleep. Needless to say I have done no exercise, no healthy eating, and haven’t had my weekly fast day either.
But I love the boys and I am glad I can be with them. Support the wife and when I am away from home I miss them. C is so sweet saying things like “I take your car down to the garden centre and buy blue flowers” or “mummy I like this bike, I must tell daddy to get it for my birthday”. This is so sweet, I get lots of attention and cuddles. However, if they just would sleep or let me sleep ๐Ÿ™


As always I am not too bothered. Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us harder. That is what the motivational quotes keep saying too. I have the feeling that a lot of people don’t understand me as they either don’t have kids or seem to ignore it more. I am just a bit touchy feeling, cry at sad movies and like people to understand. Even as a manager I am very open, as sales very honest. Trust, openness and integrity is key to my personality as well as my way of doing business. I think that is good. I am trying to make an effort to listen, understand and constantly improve myself. I am a winner… least I like to think so ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nevertheless I am only at the beginning of a long journey.

Anyway. Swiftly moving on ๐Ÿ™‚

Another big revelation was the government’s budget this week. More cuts. I normally don’t follow politics very closely but boy am I mad. They cut child benefits, they start cutting more stuff and the BBC’s calculator suggests I will be ยฃ1,700 worse off this year, making it almost 8K I have to earn more to have the same amount of money I had 2 years ago (this takes all cuts into consideration). No, my base salary hasn’t gone up by 8K and in a recession commission doesn’t seem to flow as frequently either. I don’t even want to mention inflation. Of course it is all my fault, but hey, this is crazy. I might compensate with commission working in sales, other people don’t. Any more cuts and I go crazy. Really, someone needs to stop those guys. And not as if the economy has gotten any better! Rant over!

2015. That’s the year of the next general election. Labour I say. Torries seem to stay in power for 5 years, ruin everything, then Labour got 15 years to turn it around again, and to improve it. Same pattern, different generation. 12 years in the UK taught me a lot. And then everyone (including myself in 2010) get fed up of Labour. Want Torries. Then….you know history. Isn’t that all crazy? I contacted the council to get residential parking in our street. Their response was that Hassocks is on the list of towns to review and they will be dealing with it but cannot give me a time line. Contact your local MP they suggest. I will.


What else could I rant about ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing, lots of positive things happened this week. I work closely with an app development team to save my sanity. What I mean is that I abandon my work phone and moved everything back to my private iPhone. However, an app called divide helps me separating work and life by opening up a system in a system, a screen with an interface for my work email, calendar etc. The app is a bit buggy, so I constantly provide the guys feedback. Actually loving it ๐Ÿ™‚ a bit geeky, I know.

We got a motion sensor on the front door light. It annoys me coming home at night and the wife forgot to put the light on, or us forgetting to turn it off at night. So another job done. Then the landscape gardener came to get the patio laid but comes back post Easter to finalise it. Another big job done. The washing line will be up, and hopefully my man flu completely disappears in order for me to go back running. I am missing it.

It is a bit of a bug bear to have this cold for almost three weeks now. No running. No test ride for my bike. The kids are worse. No sleep. Means I am in this vicious circle with no sleep I can’t get healthy, can’t get fit, build up my immune system to have less colds. The boys seem to get better at he weekend but again are far from “normal”. Fingers crossed we will be all fit for Easter.

What an eventful week. Tired I am. Exhausted. Very tired. But happy. Content.

Have a good week,