Sunday Column (221)

It has been a rock’n roll week. Quite frankly I am tired out tonight, so this is going to be a short one. I had a fantastic weekend with both friends and family, a BBQ, and lots of sun. Also, I truly enjoyed last week’s bank holiday Monday with the family, we finally got some sun and I got a sunburn 🙁 it is great to spend time with the boys and the wife. I was still tired from my extensive weekend cycle ride which I enjoyed very much! On top of that it looks like we got yet another cold or virus or something. We all felt under the weather, headaches and coughs mainly, tiredness. Onwards and upwards, not to moan of course 🙂

Also this week, we finally got confirmation that we own all the land we live on. Might sound funny but almost a year on we now got it in black and white that all the land is ours, including a 1 by 3 metre strip in the front of the house. Don’t ask 😉 but yes, happy days.

every morning

I had more interviews and more opportunities coming my way. From start-up to corporate, free-lance to full-time. I am confident something will work out as a full time position, although I have been busy for myself too. Hopefully I finalise my first book draft by end of June and also finish some other things I wanted to do for quite some time. The world is your oyster. As a friend said: embrace it. However, I decided that for now I won’t move forward with self employment but instead focus on finding a career move. So watch this space.

My ‘Buddhist thought‘ column will change into an every other week feature. The reason is simply that I have written it for quite some time and think it gets a bit too repetitive, despite me having less time. I am sure I come up with a new idea. Again, watch that space.

But what else is happening? The boys speak more German. Or at least Colin does. Tschüß for instance when I leave the house or Apfelsaft asking for his juice. The latest is ‘Papa’ instead of ‘Daddy’. It is nice to see that part of the effort is paying off. Rohan in the other hand is a pickle. He did sleep through the odd night this week but generally is still a hand full. So sleep deprivation comes on top of all the other moans too 🙂 Ok, I stop here.

Overall it was a good week, and I appreciate the time I have with the boys more and more. However, I also spend a lot of time networking and working, but it is so good to have breaks and cuddles with them I wouldn’t normally be able to have. But it is also time to go back to work, earn money and progress with my career. Unless I will win the lottery after all and just put my feet up. Wishful thinking!

Have a great week!