Sunday Column (222)

Another quick week because I have been busy. Looking for a job, trying to engage with the family and having a part-time project is a lot harder work than going to work it seems. This is not to moan but you have to chase every lead if you are looking for the right next job, talk to recruiters and have interviews. This is very time consuming but of course very important to do. Necessary even.

There is a lot of pressure on me finding a job. If you accept redundancy you usually aren’t in a hurry, and financially this might be right. However, when your wife and children have one routine and you have another, you have different expectations on how your day plans out than them. This can cause friction. So the rush, whilst still money driven, is also for the ease of routine to master life in bigger strides. Monday mornings get a whole new meaning 😉


At the moment, trying to fit in a dentist or making time for the pub seems difficult, yet it comes down to planning around those dates. What if an interview crops up then? Prioritising is key. So at time if writing I am on my way into London again. A few meetings and the Rotary. Tomorrow I am going back for a conference to network and speak with people there about more opportunities. It will be good, a great industry get together.

The weekends are planned to a certain extend. Summer is in town and I can hear the sausages sizzling on the BBQ this weekend. A summer fayre at the local school, and Colin’s first swimming class. Actually it was a great weekend. With a massage, Colin’s first proper swimming class, a fun summer fayre and great BBQ with friends. Lots of sunshine and a great walk on the Ditchling Beacon to round it up.

The world seems at ease, a cool breeze blowing over the growing grass, and a quiet environment strengthen that we made the right decision to buy so far out of London. Saturday marked the one year mark. A year ago we moved to Hassocks, had a small but significant building project and lots of plans. Some came true, some we are working on. We are happy, it is a good place to bring up the kids, good schools, high living value what Germans call “Freizeitwert“. Cycling, mountain biking to be precise, swimming, walking or hiking and the small butcher down the road, the play farm, the old pub, local produce for food and drink. It reminds me of childhood, safety, peace and contentment. Life is good if you stop a second and have a look at it you will discover it too. The smell of freshly cut grass, the local boy delivering the paper.

I enjoy life but despite my situation I am almost too busy. I need to learn how to let go more often, to put the phone down and live the moment. Being in the here and now. Helping Colin to learn cycling. Teach Rohan to be less of a ‘pickle’ and let him teach me patience. The list goes on 🙂

I picked up this quote from a newsletter this week: If we choose a job because we’re good at it, we may not love to do it. But if we choose a job we love, we’ll also be very good at it. Like Steve Jobs quote that if we find the thing we want to do in life, we will know it, in our heart! My next job is really important to me. I would like to do something that is cutting edge, with prospects to grow big and really enjoy it. Some place I can try some new things out based on trust (and analysis and strategy of course) to make a difference to the company and put it on the map. I am ready for the next fight to disturb the industry.

Anyway. For now I am exhausted. A long weekend finishes and we got some catching up to do before I have a few big days planned next week – including Colin’s 4th birthday. It seems like yesterday him being in the moses basket, 36 degrees inside the living room (a hot summer!), and I was hunting for a job too. Life works in mysterious ways.

Embrace it.

Have a great week,