Sunday Column (225)

Another week. Another busy week to be precise. Summertime. Parties, school runs, interviews, discussions, evaluations, rejections, hopefuls, yeses. No, I don’t have a job yet, and if that’s the sole reason why you read this blog, I cut straight to it. Things take longer than anticipated, then again I have only been out of work for two months. So really, no one expects me to be back at work yet, with upcoming holidays and all there might be no news for a few weeks. Trust me, I will announce it here first, and will write up some of my experience.

On a positive note I took on another freelance project to chair the content of yet another conference. This time Admonsters Screens in London. I enjoy working with thought leaders in the industry, putting content together and network with the industry in the field of “screens”. We shall see. I see another blog post coming, about data and second screen, connected TV, mobile and data analytics. There are some cool companies out there but there seems to be only one that does it all.

We are sleep training Rohan which makes me hangover without drink. Sleep deprivation, him crying for hours at times and my wife and I taking turns of staying up with him. It breaks your heart but we both find this method will be the best moving forward. It also worked with our older one, but we started quite late with Rohan due to sickness. Anyway, Colin was crying too. When I took him to school he didn’t want to part and stay there but instead come home with me. I went through that phase age 3-7 with 30 minutes crying in the corner before slowly easing into the environment. Hopefully this was a one off, but again this breaks your heart. The kids enjoy daddy being around and him playing with them and teasing them. However, this means a lot of attention, and less exercise, book writing etc. then again I won’t get this chance again soon (I hope) to spend so much time with them.


Also this week we had repairs done to the heating and we needed a new car tyre. Just great timing. Some windows need replacing and we waiting for some cash to do some not so urgent repairs before the winter. I know it’s only summer but….time flies and I am confident to put the orders out there soon. Don’t misunderstand, we are not struggling yet mastering the situation and prioritising. A good exercise to be honest.

There are many things in life you learn from. Things turn out for the better and decisions happen for a reason. You are in charge, you decide. Karma is there and the greater universe to guide you if you listen. Are you willing to put your life out there based on a gut feeling? My wife is good with that. She says we be ok – so we will be ok. Oh yes and we will, the kids will go to big school soon, the house will be fixed, the new kitchen going to come and so on.

But I learn that some things are just not important. A beer with my Greek friend is more important than a take away; and the love of my kids, quality time with them more important than some other appointments. And some trips to London and beyond are necessary evil. That’s life. It is all part of it.

And enjoying it is key. We have been to great parties this weekend. Being able to live in the now, focusing on the future, balancing the ups and downs and enjoying life for what it is. A journey. A place to make the most out of your ambitions. Love.

Staying sane. So far anyway.

Have a great July, a good week ahead.