Sunday Column (236)

To say this week passed quickly is an understatement.

In summary I probably spend a full working week in conference and exhibition rooms, moderated sessions, sold our product and made new connections. And the worse thing of all: I enjoyed it all, met new people and had fun. Yet the weekend couldn’t have come early enough.

It all kick started with a trip to Berlin early Saturday last week. I spent a great day catching up with a school friend before heading to the first conference venue, in Berlin Admonsters put on the European Publisher Forum for which I chaired the content for. A successful, well received conference, highlighting the challenges of publishers in today’s programmatic world. On Tuesday next week I publish my personal summary of the event. It is interesting to see the differences in data utilisation and sales tactics by publisher by European country.


Late Monday I took a (delayed) flight back to Gatwick to attend the legendary ATS (ad trading summit) in London, put on by Exchangewire for the 4th year running. It was good to catch up with some familiar industry profiles and chew the fat. Nothing new seems to be happening content wise, yet the discussion around multiple screens got fuelled a bit. For a user this is all glass. They don’t care about the medium they consume. Whilst I appreciate you might want to use different creative and a slight different strategy for each medium, you should plan your campaign holistically across all devices.

Wednesday and Thursday was ad:tech London. This year’s show gained momentum with the new show director in place. In my function as advisory board, I moderated a session on RTB at the conference. A well visited event with what I believe is a new beginning of the show to establish itself against other leading European shows again. I am still due to visit dmexco next week. Thanks for great connections, good quality leads for adizio and a lot of fun.

This sums up the week. Lack of sleep. Lack of family time. It was nice to see both the boys coming into bed in the morning to cuddle. R was too excited to go back to sleep. “Daddy back”. Priorities. Love and happiness. I enjoy what I am doing which is the main thing.

At the weekend we chilled out at a friends’ place in North London. An exciting train journey for the kids and enough time for me to catch up on family time. We had a great curry, good chats, and really enjoyed ourselves.

Life never stops. And with this week’s anniversary of the WTC bombing we get reminded how precious the time is we spend with our loved ones. Thinking back to 9/11, the year I came to the UK in 2001. We will and shall never forget, the world has changed since. And with the situation in Syria we are reminded daily to watch over each other. To protect each other from evil. To share the love.

Have a fantastic week. I am off to another show 🙂

Love and Kindness,