Sunday Column (239)

This week started pretty good. Not only did I get a seat on the train and managed to catch up with a good friend if mine – I also managed to be home for bed time. It is great if work allows you the freedom and flexibility to do that. My meetings this week were postponed left right and centre. So lots of flexibility was required on my part too. And as I got ahead of schedule due to more “office time” I took Friday afternoon off, and finally managed to pick up Colin from school. As a surprise.

That felt good. Being able to be there for the family, taking a breather. Life is full on again. I enjoy being out “in the field” again, in the trenches, selling. The tube journeys across the city and a product you can sell and believe in. Things could not be better really. Not complaining, enjoying life as it is.

Then I was thinking how my life has changed over the past 7 days. It has! I got digitalised 🙂 Already, I had most of my documents and backups in the clouds, yet I uploaded my music too. That means I store my approximately 10,000 songs digitally in the Apple iCloud and download them as I like. Of course that is nothing new but for me that means selling old CDs, getting rid of record player and records. Moving forward my music will be streamed, downloaded or whatever via the internet. No need for a big computer, storage or worries about data loss. It is all in the clouds.

It is funny. I remember cassettes, buying my first CD. I remember buying a record player as short as a few years ago. Now all I got are mp3s. File formats. A line of code. Life is changing. With my new 4G phone I can do things super fast online on the go too. Things, life in general, speeds ups: no slow down in sight.


Yet, something rather strange happened this week. My mate cancelled drinks. I looked at my schedule and realised there was nothing (!) to do. What if I actually had some spare time. A curious thought of what would happen if you came home and you had nothing to do but watch TV? Of course that did to happen and I quickly found enough stuff to keep me occupied. I finished a presentation for Rotary next week, and cleared my twitter stream of unwanted people to follow 🙂

Later in the week my parents came over and it was great top see them. Mum and me managed to cook a German chicken recipe I used to die for as a child. So I can now make it for my boys. We had a great weekend again. Family is important, yet I never realised it growing up. Now that we don’t have family close by, we actually missing the support. Who would have guessed.

Some things that still baffle me (a bit out of context here) is when, like this week, Tescos delivers bread on the same day as it expires with a replacement pork pate for a vegetable one that was out of stock. Come on, think a bit. A veggie pate can’t be replaced with a meaty one, and I haven’t seen many people eating a whole loaf of bread in a night.

People’s common sense just doesn’t seem to work, a questionnaire where the reply to email address wasn’t working. The little things that just do not make sense. Test things, make sure you deliver the quality standard you would expect. Never mind.

I hope you have a great week. I don’t believe it is October already!

Happy autumn.