Sunday Column (252)

Back to school tomorrow….or work really…I remember those days when it was school and not work; when it was fun to see your friends again and tell them what you got for Christmas. It’s not that different I suppose when you go back to work. A small industry, close friends, fun and rumours about who buys whom. A new year fuelled of IPOs, M&A and earn outs. Yet there will be new technologies coming to market, new companies moving in the media space. Whatever consolidates on top, will be filled by smaller and new companies entering in the lower, SME area. London sees an uplift in start ups and I recently saw another high tech incubator area, there are lots of brains out there.

2014 in my predictions will be a big year for IPOs and hopefully not another bubble. Technology and business heads have moved on from the mistakes and immaturity of 2001 I suppose. Let’s see. The ad technology out there is a lot more stable than over 10 years ago.


It’s a little bit like having a crystal ball and predicting the future. I watched an interview with Steve Jobs this week when he said that he cannot predict the future. At the time of the interview he said “I couldn’t predict maps and navigation on the iPhone as I didn’t know 5 years ago either existed”. Sure he might have had an idea but maybe not an exact knowledge of what’s possible. But that’s why I don’t know what I am doing in 5 years time, what my phone will do for me then and what else might be dominating my life. The only thing I know is that I am excited because I can be in the driver seat now to steer in the direction I want to go to. Forget the past, it has been, look forward and move on. Exciting times ahead.

My grandmother always said things work out as long as you put the hard work into something. I think so too. One builds for the future. The work you put in today will carry fruits in the future (German expression). And I believe in that.

I am not sure why I drifted into that sentimental, melancholic future forecast post now, but I suppose when you look ahead, what you want to achieve, you think about all facets of life. One questions the status quo, and one must forget the past. That’s done. There is no ‘what if’. You can only ever do as well as you can on the day. No regrets. Never, look forward, make it happen, things will turn out for the better. Or have they already?

This week I took some time to myself, maybe that’s why I am reflective, to sort out some challenges. We sold some furniture as well. Out with the old and in with the new. It is the change of year after all. To a new beginning. To change, new starts and the future ahead.


Have a good start into your work week unless you have been back already 😉

Happy New Year.


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