Sunday Column (254)

In life it is not about what you own, possess or what you represent. Life is about what you make out of it for yourself and for others around you, what you create and how you embrace it. It is about the love you share and the moments you value. With friends and family, experiencing things.

I have been travelling this week and looked at some beautiful landscapes and was thinking, why home (UK) wasn’t like that. One reason is that it is different in its own account, beautiful too, but on the other hand it is how we create our landscapes ourselves. We are the masters of our destiny. We are the ones that are in the driving seat of our lives, we make the decisions and follow our dreams.

Of course this philosophy isn’t new to most of you. But I formed my future this week. A new beginning as I was promising over the past few weeks here and who read between the lines has guessed it already. I will be able to talk about it in greater detail soon.


Sometimes one gets stuck and feels like one isn’t progressing. One sees that things don’t turn out the way they originally seemed. In those situations one makes decisions to wait or to move. All things being equal you would try to make things happen as long as you can. But not all things are always equal.

Maybe a quick thank you for the support from family, friends and my coach. My coach and I have been discussing values in depth, motivations deep inside. It is very interesting to see your insides, and I also had a psychological assessment which revealed a lot of insights also. But I also become more balanced inside, more at ease with life and ambitions.

Enough about work. Life is great. The boys and I have so much fun at the moment. It must be their age. They loved the huuuuge Kinder Surprise chocolate egg with 7 eggs inside which I took back from my most recent trip. There will be more travel soon to which I look forward to. More time away means for me a more intense time to make up for it at the weekend. More treats 🙂

We already treated the guys to another curry last weekend. Seeing their eyes when biting into poppadoms is priceless. They have done so well at swimming that I couldn’t resist taking them to their most favourite place. You cannot beat a feeling of inner love and connectedness to your children, it must be an instinct wanting to please them and having fun with them. Playing monster trucks hotwheels too can be so much fun!

Also, I started running again this week. If only once or twice I was happy to be back in the run of things. It has been a productive, good week for me.

It is still January. Still early in the year. But there is a mood around, a feeling of excitement in the industry, felt throughout. The recession is over and we are on the brink of growth. Things in 2014 are going to be better, life is returning to pre 2009 times. Good times. You can feel the buzz and hear the positive attitude in people’s voices.

A friend of mine who recently, or as he said was pregnant over the past 9 months with it, found a job, changed his life, and has a new beginning feels ecstatic. Opportunities are there to grab them. Life is about that: the chance of making opportunities work. The chance to be who you want to be. Aligned with your values.

Thank you guys.

Have a great 2014. To a new beginning.


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