Sunday Column (255)

Some weeks are slow in taking off. One focuses on the family, one’s health, and just tries to relaxes, getting on top of things and making sure things are in order. They never are. There are always things that need doing. One never really finishes a todo list. Crazy, ey? A never ending story of always being busy. But maybe it is a good thing, to be occupied, and to be chilled out at the same time. However, that really doesn’t happen either, does it? The latest suggestion this week is to keep two lists: a todo list and a not-todo list, but would that work?

How chilled out can one get? Going to the sauna, steam room and spa facilities at the local gym doesn’t make one relaxed. Meditation, relaxation and clearing your mind helps. The idea of emptying your brain, rid yourself of thoughts and making sure you quieting your mind: that helps! The ultimate GTD Brain Dump. That really helps!

Ridding oneself of the past, letting go, finding closure whilst looking ahead – key to any successful person I suppose. Steve Jobs said that too (I believe I mentioned that a few weeks back). Starting from zero, kind of. Like the changing of the year when you close one book to write a new one, with every day being a new chapter.


My coach helps me a lot, sorting thoughts, twisted rules and contradictions in life. We all got them, some more than others and some are less aware of them than others. I enjoy digging deep into my (un)conscious to identify needs of change. I need to understand my values and rules, to make sure I only support and not limit my own boys moving forward. Show them freedom, peace, happiness and make sure they are willing to take risks and push boundaries. I want to support them doing all that. This is something somewhat alien to my parents’ generation due to guilt and limitations after the war in Germany. Even my grandparents’ generation were more risk taking, more entrepreneurial because they saw the world before the war and lived more actively in times of the “Wirtschaftswunder”. But all that has changed now too.

Yet in a few years time people will look back at our generation, our influences in society like the recession, flying in space and having permanent digital influence. I read another post this week asking “do you feel like 1990 is 10 years ago” – I suppose a lot of us do. There are personal circumstances that will influence our values, rules and life. Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t it fascinating how every generation shapes new rules, validates old ones and abandons others. It is a constant learning for the greater unconscious we are tapping into on a regular basis.

What is holding you back to move forward and take the next step? What is driving you on? Questions I like to answer for myself. And I do answer them. I know what drives me on and why. I love moving forward and I am. Follow your dreams. For now my dream is a successful career in digital. A 944 Porsche. Lots of quality family time.

To close I’d like to make a remark about The Big Issue who’s CEO spoke to our Rotary Club this week. The Big Issue gives homeless people the chance to earn money, trade their time for money and giving them a chance to think beyond the next 60 minutes. A purpose in life. And if you buy the next issue, don’t just give them the money but also take the magazine. Because if you don’t, they just got money for nothing and the purpose is to sell an issue, to make something out of what they have and do. I hope that makes sense. And the foundation offers help beyond the magazine too. A fantastic charity worthwhile supporting if you ask me.

If you got a few minutes, please watch below for a good insight.

That’s really it for this week. There are some more details next week about my drive and how I move forward. But I spare them until then 🙂

For now I hope you have a smashing week.