Sunday Column (258)

The week started with Rohan’s 3rd birthday party. It was fantastic. I never realised how much I enjoy kids’ sweets, cleaning up and enjoying to watch a 3 year old unwrapping presents. Their innocence, ignorance, excitement (all in a good sense) is amazing, heart melting. Never before had I more of a desire to pause time and just enjoy a moment forever.

As cheesy as it might sound I really enjoy the boys at their current age. Building and playing hot wheels. It is their main thing and sometimes, when they are still asleep and I am up during the week, I catch myself setting up the course or putting a car through the loop. The remote control car gets more used by me than anyone else ๐Ÿ™‚

My life focus has changed. Not so much my commitment to either family or work, but thanks to my coach I enjoy a lot more focus. I am more productive in what I do, either at work or at home. Now I need to get back into a exercise routine, early mornings and the commute. It feels like I haven’t had much routine commuting over the past 10 months. But as a friend just said to me, 2013 was about focusing and getting direction. 2014 is to take off.

I feel the same. I am sitting in my little rocket ready to fly off to explore new space!

picture in our head

I said it before: I have a good feeling about this year. I am confident that when I will be looking back to this year I would have made a few really good decisions. And everything will have worked out and it will just be the beginning of something bigger, better and more stable.

This week I walked a lot through London, including Soho. Some parts have changed. A lot of restaurants I used to know closed, new ones opened. Some places I associate good memories with have gone. Some parts are still as dirty as they were 9 years ago when I last worked in that area. I came a long way since ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whilst I enjoy this trip down memory lane, thinking those were the days when we were young, there is nothing replacing what we have in the now. Besides us making our place even more homely over the next few months, there is nothing like coming home. I feel at home, I am home. Life has changed (me) since I arrived in the UK almost 13 years ago.

The train ride I am writing this on is very bumpy, at least not many delays as we are (surprisingly) little affected by the flooding. However, it still beats me how a train can be 15 minutes late on an hour’s journey with it going at decent speed? That is 25% longer than it is supposed to be. Never mind, I stay positive with the train system in the UK. One must.

There are delays expected for tomorrow, flooding causes delays and bus replacement services. Luckily we are on high ground and I feel sorry for the ones affected by flooding.

The weekend was nice: both in terms of weather and relaxation. I sorted my ankle which is causing shin splints out by going to the chiropractor. We went for a nice walk in the woods and explored nature. Yet, we cancelled due to suspected bad weather to meet some friends. A shame but you never know what the weather holds these days.

Overall I am happy. The only things that niggles me is my work laptop. Going back to a Windows machine after having used Apple for almost a year feels clunky and non intuitive. But those are minor details and I might just change that soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a good week,