Sunday Column (26)

I am writing this column now for half a year. Honestly, this is my favourite blog entry each week, as I can write what I think and don’t have to come up with awkward content, or need to do research. This is truly from my heart 🙂

I find that life gets back in a routine with work getting busy and me spending evenings with the family. I enjoy what I am doing and there are many things that I still need to get used to. It has only been short of 8 weeks, and patience is just not my virtue. But, overall, I am very happy with what I do – both in work and private life!

Thanks to my wife we finished the living room renovation this weekend. It looks so much better and I will put up some pictures soon. We changed some furniture around too and gained more space. Really worth the effort, and without my patient wife, there would have been no way we could have done it. Thank you honey!

Back to my week. Every time I take earlier trains, the train gets cancelled. This time due to overcrowding. Something that is totally normal in London and I just don’t understand how the train system works here. The trains are old, too heavy for the tracks and always too full. Not the most pleasant nor reliable form of transport, but I guess one just has to get one with it.

Then, this week’s shopping was horrendously expensive. It was more than double from last week, and the main difference was, that we didn’t buy online. I have to say, going into Tesco and looking around for offers, 2 for 1 or multipacks of diapers, toilet paper or whatever the case might be, does add up. We spent so much on our weekly shopping, that I will go back to online shopping for at least 3 out of 4 times a month! It really saves you pennies.
Even if we get out the recession, and interestingly enough Germany, France and Japan have been out already, there is no need for panic buys or stocking up 🙂 Note to myself: be sensible!

Wednesday I had my final appointment in the hospital about the water deprivation test and the MRI scan I had 3 weeks ago. And the results came back to be totally normal. Nothing wrong with my head, physically anyway, and that I go to the loo more than average or that I might have a slight high sodium level in my blood that could suggest Diabetes Insipidus, might just be normal too. And, as long as I don’t have it influencing my life in a negative way, there is nothing I should worry about. Good news at last.

Colin Ballueder Aug09There is nothing else happening at the moment. I enjoy being around the boy more and more. He starts to give me smiles and interacts with me. Just whilst I am typing this, he is sitting in his swinging chair and smiles and “talks” to me. It is just great 🙂 Of course, there is still a lack of sleep, and whilst my wife is doing all night shifts, I still wake up. But, one gets used to it and people say, things will get better. Just the first 8 weeks are hard…..Colin is now 10 weeks old 🙂

Next weekend is bank holiday weekend here in the UK, we are off on Monday and I am also off on Friday. This gives me a nice 4 day break to spend some quality time with friends, my wife and my boy. I cannot wait for it. However, prior to this, there is lots of work that needs to be done. Another big deadline on Wednesday.

Have a great week ahead.
Love and Kindness to you all,