Sunday Column (260)

Having achieved a nice even number for my Sunday Columns, I thought I divide it by 52 weeks to see how many years I am writing my column. It has been exactly 5 years. It was 1st of March 2009 when I first published a column: Sunday Column (1).

At that time I didn’t know that I would take redundancy about 6 weeks later, 8 weeks prior to my first son to be born. It was 2009 and a lot of businesses weren’t doing too well. I didn’t know that the remainder of the year became a challenging journey which ended in a job that catapulted me to where I am today. And I didn’t know that it repeated itself, if slightly different, 4 years later.

I am not planning to write my autobiography (yet) but maybe one day I will look back and notice patterns. Many years ago I listened to someone giving a talk suggesting that every 6 months there is change. That doesn’t mean a new job every 6 months but maybe something changes within a job/relationship. It has been a challenging time the last 5 years, yet a good time. Lots of learning. Lots of fun. Lots of tears. Life as it is.

Supposedly the years that you have children, kick start your career, buy your first house and go through lots of changes meant to be turbulent. Not even mentioning the recession and downturn. But since 2013 we are back on the up, and 2014 will be awesome. I feel it. Maybe my Sunday Columns will one day form part of my next book.


Sometimes I wonder whether my Sunday Column becomes a diary or summary of the week. I set it up initially to talk about my view on things. More often than not I try to keep it non political and avoid hot topics, as I don’t like offending anyone unless absolutely necessary.

But of course I have some opinions. Over the years I found other media to express my expert opinions, like Mediaposts, iMedia or comments on personal development sites. That leads to me having less of a focused blog. Less work related and more life related stuff. Of course this might change.

If nothing else I discovered my inner self over the past few years, and in much more intensity during the last few months. Coaching, and unleashing power from within is very powerful. Unfortunately this year’s event by Anthony Robbins is too soon, I was hoping it was in May. I feel that over the past few months I have touched on the new Ballueder on to whom I am going to build even more. Writing itself has helped me expressing both my thoughts, experience and actions. It helps me to cope with life.

When I started this blog I had no idea that I would end up being where I am today and now I don’t know where I might be in five years from now. I might be back in London, Germany, Scotland or still live where I am. I might have more kids and a bigger family close by or….but you never know, do you? I wish it stays the same and just becomes more amazing.

It comes back to the thought that we should live in the here and now and enjoy every bit of life when we can. If that is the weekends with the kids or my train journey using the time, sleeping less to exercise or taking time for myself to go mountain biking. Whatever it is, treat time as precious, you cannot stop it or bring it back. And, isn’t it nice to not know about the future?

Excitement. Looking back and looking forward.

Let me finish with that. Let’s see what the next five years hold.


Cheers, Volker

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