Sunday Column (261)

Whenever I am at the barber looking at myself in the mirror for minutes at a time, I notice how old I got. Not only the grey hair but the crow feet, the wrinkles in my face. Midlife crisis? Maybe.

At the same time I am managing better in terms of life life balance and exercising. This includes an investment into new trainers after two years in my old ones. Over the past few years I learned a lot about looking after myself. Stretching before exercising and how to exercise for better results. I am doing ok I believe, for an amateur anyway.

Wearable tech, whether a wrist band or an iPhone watch, will soon be a common item to have too, in order to monitor your health. I am looking forward to this, not that it doesn’t already exist, but I want to see which wearable tech is making the mark. I already monitor my sleep, my moves, my alcohol consumption and have a diary for my exercise. I am doing ok, and by monitoring all this, I am aiming to improve all of it.

There is room for improvement. There always is. And if there is a week without exercise or to much drink, I am not beating myself up for it. Life is there to also be enjoyed and I do.


What we want to achieve in life is down to us. Our dreams. Our goals. Our actions. We decide how we react towards a threat or challenge or opportunity. We decide how others make us feel. We are the ones in charge of our lives. Of course, we influence how others feel too.

I might repeat myself, but Steve Jobs, when coming back to Apple from NEXT, got rid of the museum in the office to rid the place of anything old, its past. Instead he got the company to look forward. His successor this week was talking about, and allegedly very intensely, to shareholders that not every action of a company needs to result in revenue. He was alluding to sustainability, working conditions and so on. I suppose it is a cultural thing.

Whilst of course Apple is a different size of company, and not every company can afford doing the above mentioned, the idea should be engrained in every entrepreneur. Working in sales I am always revenue driven, yet sometimes you have to take a hit for the bigger picture.

Yes, I could happily do only fun things without worrying, but one has to put the hard work in to see the results. And for a company this is revenue. For your workout this is a healthy lifestyle. For monitoring your sleep and life, it is all about self improvement, optimising what you need to do.

Let’s be realistic. Nothing is ever perfect. Life just isn’t like that. It will never be. But with the right attitude, tools and determination you can make it pretty good. Make this dent in the universe. If we all make that little bit of a difference, then the overall accumulated difference will be huge.

Before I drift further I will stop. Things like greater conscious and sustainability come to mind. And, that life will just happen regardless. Hence you better be prepared. No matter what, life goes on.

What a lovely weekend we had: sunny weather, cutting the grass and sorting out my little bit of natural garden.

So make the most of it and go with the flow.

Have a lovely week,