Sunday Column (263)

I haven’t had much time to write anything other than my Sunday Column lately. This is due to a few commitments at work and some private commitments too. We are living in a world where one wants to be committed. To world peace, charity, family and work of course.

Commitment is about engagement, making it work and sticking to something, no matter what happens. It is a marriage like arrangement. You cannot just bail out, or because things aren’t rosy just now, you cannot walk away. It is about working through the differences.

Look at work commitments. You have good and bad meetings. As long as the team works in the right direction, and you all together work on the same solution, e.g. you are all solution focused, you are committed.

I had a fantastic chat this week with someone about companies in the industry, about mistakes that are repeated, sustainability and commitment. Followed by a chat about the whole industry and how it is changing. Giving three acquisitions this week alone, we are in times of change in digital marketing.

However, and maybe this is my Buddhist way of living, you can make mistakes as long as you learn from them and move on. Life is about learning after all.


The future is key, not the past. It is not about what we have achieved so far or done. Whilst our experience and past successes count, you don’t want to talk about the failures which are embedded in the actual experience. It is about looking forward, trusting the dots connecting in the future. And they will. Trust your heart.

I love life for that. For what you can do and how you can play with it. How little decisions become big things and vice versa. You worry about something not worthwhile worrying. As long as you have trust and confidence, commitment and pride, you will be ok.

In the face of worrying. For the past two weeks we have, or rather haven’t, followed the Malaysian air liner. I said last week that it would be fascinating to find out it being cyber hijacked. Yet, as from information to date, the authorities think something went wrong and the plane crashed running out of fuel. Probably, very similar to the Air France crash a few years ago, it will take a long time to find out what the cause was, and it might come down to a small failure somewhere in the plane which caused a ripple effect, maybe a human mistake.

We don’t know, but prefer to speculate about terrorists, cyber hijacking, personal problems. That’s what makes the news. And hopefully we are wrong and my personal fear is that it was to try something new for a bigger thing. Hope it wasn’t.
My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one and endured the long wait between hope and uncertainty. Hopefully you will find closure.

An eventful week.

Have a better one next week!