Sunday Column (267)

Easter Sunday. Easter hasn’t got a religious meaning for me anymore, I almost forgot it was happening. With the building work to be finished, and with the MIL arriving and us going to a wedding, this is more a four day mini holiday to sort out the house, take a day off from and for the kids, go cycling and sort out some other errands. No, Easter for me is definitely nothing else.

Looking at this, I gain a better understanding why people in other countries don’t even get the Friday off. Life has changed over the years, we get too busy in our lives. Religion, whether you want to classify Buddhism as that or a philosophy is up to you, allows for retreat. For me, and I never saw that going to Christian church when I was a child, the belief in ‘something’ which helps you to focus on yourself, quieten your mind, and engage in nothing, focusing on something.

Essentially it helps you to focus, switch off from every day life, not look at your todo list and not having anything to do or planned or worry about. This can be nice. Almost a treat. This and the overall charitable, caring aspect of religion is what I appreciate.

We tried telling Colin about a guy called Jesus and Easter eggs and that he came back from heaven at Easter. His response was that they already spoke about Jesus in school and had now moved on to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ 🙂 Kids’ innocence.


The last two weeks were stressful. The build, the heating not working, the niggles here and there. We believe we are on top of it now. We hope it is all finished, but the decorating. I should really post some pictures once we have the furniture and all in. A great transformation, making our living space so much better and nicer! A nicer home.

It is so important to have a place you call home. A place you feel comfortable in, the kids and wife are happy in. A place to come home to, a place for shelter. Often I wonder, looking at the bigger picture, how many people don’t have that privilege. When I look out into the world and feel privileged because I have hot water and food, a roof over my head.

I don’t want to get sentimental. Of course I am annoyed I had to reset the heating daily for a while. But it was working then. Others don’t have heatings and if I told some people you have to go to the loft to light the heater, they would be happy to have heat whilst we are annoyed at having to manually light it.

So maybe Easter is a bit of reflection too. A bit of looking inwards. Of looking outwards and seeing were we are in the greater scale of things. To understand and make our kids understand that we are actually quite lucky. That the reason daddy goes to work in the morning is to have food and a house, and that Daddy has work should not be taken for granted either.

A first world problem that is I suppose. Comfort. So let’s think of the ones that are less fortunate, and let’s be thankful.

Have a great Easter.