Sunday Column (268)

Short weeks pass quicker they say. After a stunning and great wedding last weekend, we went back to work on Tuesday. I went for a run on Monday, then again on Wednesday, trying to get back into shape. I enjoy my exercise and don’t mind the early mornings as much.

I also got introduced to proper Indian music – rhythmic style 😉 I played it all over this week, kind of motivating!

The house is coming along nicely. The builders have left, the kitchen surface is due to drive next week and the fireplace and decoration has been done. We are getting somewhere. Unfortunately we have to do some more essential work, including repointing and replacing the cladding. It is never ending but hopefully we got most things done before the winter comes 😉

My pride, besides the whole place really, is my Sonos sound bar. An ease to put music on, stream radio or enjoy the sound of the TV. Also, of course, my fish tank with the fishes recovering. Only one fish loss so far, so fingers crossed. We get there at the end. Plus, I cannot wait to get the new couch, sit in front of the fire and listen to music. Three things that will just go well together.


We spend the weekend cleaning our place, testing the burner, buying coal and wood logs, cutting the grass (after getting our lawnmower back) and all that without the boiler working. That one gave up on us Friday night. Wow – what else can happen next?

Reflecting on the last few weeks we have been busy and stressed. It is difficult, particularly for the wife, to entertain a 3 and an almost 5 year old whilst having builders in. No matter how patient you or the builders are. That and not having a functional kitchen makes it difficult. The amount of take aways was disgusting to be honest, no use of the gym in the garage and no 7 minute circuit work out.

This is hopefully due to change; saying that I did come down with a cold and the cough the boys had for the past few weeks. Deos it ever stop??

It is nice to ease back into a routine, if slowly, into a familiarity with new surroundings. For us and the kids. Even they were stressed by the changes – their house was taking apart! With it all being back together again I am looking forward to next week. A normal sized one, yet with a three day bank holiday weekend to look forward to and spend lots of time with the family, the kids in particular and enjoying the new place.

Stress over. Moving on.

Have a good week,