Sunday Column (27)

Oh dear, this is bank holiday weekend. I was off on Friday and I have to say, getting the chance to catch up on some sleep, and on some things I wanted to do for a while, was great. Luckily I finished the polishing of the furniture during the week…. so Friday was all mine. I managed a total of 2 hours in the afternoon to sleep after I spend most of the morning shopping and writing for my blog.


We finished, or my wife did, painting the living room. The carpet is removed, the furniture polished and you might spot our 32 inch TV in the back – it saves so much space.

From work we support the campaign (which we also created by the way) for Tacheback and research into prostate and testicular cancer! Hence, I will grow a moustache during September….

So please donate on the site and I keep you posted on my Twitter and Facebook feed anyway.

Having said all that, there wasn’t much else going on this week. Colin is growing and is already above the 95 percentile, over 7 kilos. He smiles a lot but cries a lot too. He slept 8 hours the other day, so fingers crossed, sleeping pattern will go back to normal.

On Monday I said good-bye to a good friend I have known for 6 years and she is now going back to Berlin. However, I am certain she will be back in London sometime soon. Good luck, sure you be fine, we are going to miss you.

The dentist who I visited Friday is happy with my teeth but I decided to get a bite-guard, so that I don’t grind my teeth at night (and don’t bite the wife either ;-)). I kept doing that for a while (the grinding) and stopped but now I am doing it again. Might just be the lack of sleep and all the things I am thinking about. So thought it was a good investment, and by getting it done privately (as supposed to through the NHS), it cost me much less than the NHS would ask for, e.g. £198 🙁 Sometimes I miss the great German healthcare system. Never mind, I cope ….

On Saturday we were babysitting our neighbours child and this was the first test if we are ready for a 2nd child. I personally think that we should hold of for a while as I think with my work and career ambitions that 1 child is enough to take care of….I guess I keep you posted on this one 🙂 But practise never harms 😉

I also got a lot of clearing out done. Not only did I clear the kitchen cupboard and we gave a lot of things to charity but I also shredded lots of old German documents I didn’t need any more. Of course I had 5 photocopies of each document so our bin is full already. It is always good to de-clutter your life I find. And, it is so interesting to see what you used to keep and like. For instance my Jack Daniels Whiskey glasses were once very important to me. Now I have nice real ones from Scotland, the Glencairn glass, which are much nicer 🙂

By the way Whisky, last weekend I finished my Scappa and this weekend my Talisker bottle. I still got enough choice to get me going, but even the Balblair is getting emptier 🙂 Time to go up North again and have a shopping spree.

Another nice thing that happened this weekend was that I got a text from my local pizza delivery shop offering me a discount. After my blog post about local business this is great. I don’t want to claim it was because of my post but it is good to see that local business adopt good marketing strategies!

I also went for a 30 minute run this weekend too. My knee didn’t like it but since my FT wasn’t delivered I had to get my own copy and so I thought it would be a good excuse. It just shows how unfit I am. Depending on how my knee behaves I have a strong intention to go more often….

That is really it. Although we tried going away for a day, it seems that we couldn’t trust the weather, so we decided to have a lazy weekend at home. Very enjoyable.

Speak next week,