Sunday Column (270)

A four day week, and it was a good week. I got on top of a lot of things at work, made a huge amount of progress. That is good I suppose.

I also almost completely shook off this cold. A nasty cough that wouldn’t even let me sleep at night. I haven’t been ill after a stint of three months’ illness at the end of last year (whilst still working of course), and this year with exercise and sauna routines I try to tackle the bugs early. Yet this one came when the guards were down, at stressful times, and hit the whole family. We got over it.

I watched a good movie this week, the rise of Ghenghis Khan. It was on the BBC and highly enjoyable, a Braveheart in Mongolia. Not bad at all. The BBC seems to have a few good movies on recently, and of course great period dramas.


The picture btw features a super hero drawn by my eldest, hanging on the screen next to my desk at work. My replacement laptop came, it is working without problems, and most other customer service niggles have been resolved, or I have let go.

This week I read a book about letting go by Zenhabits, Leo Babuta, which inspired me to not stress out about things any longer but to let go. Is it going to work? Can I, with my stiff German attitude, ignore the inferior service industry I am exposed to? Let’s see how the next few months develop. I already didn’t moan about…. 😉

In all seriousness. A friend of mine decided to stop saying ‘busy’ when asked how he was. You ever noticed that? Of course we are busy, constantly challenged but we chose this environment we work in. I enjoy it. Yet, even I say I am busy, not well, or tired. An easy way of answering a generic question, instead of saying ‘Yupp, I am fine’. Or, yes, isn’t this the best day in a long time?

Why aren’t we more positive? Because we are stuck in the daily grind, stuck in a rod of routines trying to constantly strive to be better, aim higher and succeed further. So little things in the now disappear to be unimportant, we don’t notice them. If you haven’t seen the video about ‘looking up’ that went viral, google it. We aren’t seeing what’s going on around us anymore.


I don’t have all the answers. Yet, one of the healthier things to do is to question and analyse your habits. Whilst people’s feedback might be harsh and over exaggerated, it also helps you to lift the veil of your own bad habits. The use of your phone in bed, or whilst being at the till. The patronising tone in your voice or the joke at the wrong time.

Letting go, being able to chill, to not worry and annoy oneself about things that one cannot change. That is what I am aiming for. The ‘super’-balance. The alignment of focus, energy and prioritisation. Doing with life nothing else than you do with parts of your life, focussing on what’s important.

Have a great week ahead.