Sunday Column (276)

I felt a bit like George Clooney in the movie “up in the air” this week. On Sunday 9 am I left the house to go to Cannes. A short flight yet to get to the airport proved difficult. Trains cancelled, taxis not available (out of three! companies), so luckily my wife could drop me off.

It was my first year at the Cannes Lions which was fantastic. The adtech sector becomes more important and one meets key decision makers who drive our industry forward. I don’t anticipate to not go next year. Some very interesting discussions not least around TV synced advertising. Our company, Civolution, announced a case study which saw our product helping an entertainment client to improve the click through rate, and ultimately their brand engagement, by 250%.

For me it was fantastic, working with cutting edge technology to evangelise my beloved RTB industry with the latest cross device product, linking linear TV to digital. But enough about my job.

On Wednesday afternoon I came back and on Thursday I caught a 6 am flight to Amsterdam, going to our HQ in Eindhoven. A packed flight, lots of stags and birthday parties, so I didn’t really get any sleep.

Thursday wasn’t a great day for England. The dream to progress in the world cup came to an end. It was a shame to see grown ups that devastated yet I understand that a football passionate folk would be disappointed. I suppose Germany wouldn’t be different. Luckily I am not a big football fan, not even for big events. So really, I don’t care. Being German seems to at least give me a better chance for the world title than England. Now anyway.


I missed my family this week, yet in return got extra cuddles from my boys when I was home on Wednesday. That and the weekend was focused on them, and my wife of course. I am off again for a couple of days next week and the week after. Then things should quieten down a bit over the summer. That said I do enjoy the odd trip. And this week was a bit cramped due to organisational challenges.

To be honest there wasn’t much else happening this week. For Father’s Day I got a Landrover Lego model (see picture). I was well chuffed, really like it. WordPress seems to have difficulties resizing pictures when uploaded from my iPhone or iPad. Not sure how to solve that yet.

On that note, and you might remember my post a few weeks ago, I saw the latest Galaxy tab (Samsung) mounted on a keyboard, in Cannes. Not knowing what it was, I thought it was an amazing little computer/laptop. Apple would need to step up their game with the iWatch, iPhone six and what else is rumoured. The battery life needs to improve significantly, and innovation needs to come into play. We shall see.

That’s it guys. A nice weekend comes to an end.

Have a good week.