Sunday Column (298)

Summing up a week like this isn’t easy I believe. It all started with me coming back late on Saturday, so I had a short weekend. Fair enough, Sunday was a great day. A proper walk with the dog at 5:30, a 10K run and the feeling I am gaining weight again, despite loosing it. I am off balance a bit with no routine thanks to the dog.

My training schedule is changing. I try to do two 10K runs a week, then walk the dog more. Then I am travelling. I need to find a bigger bag to carry my jogging shoes when travelling. Then Rosie will be able to go running, and routines change once again.

The dog, another topic in itself. We enjoy her. But….she is getting to the biting stage. She is snapping at the kids, bit them whilst playing. Tough negotiations on behalf of the dog, and the kids, to make sure the family is happy. We are working on it. Overall she is a great addition to the family and well loved. The vet bill is raising, and according to the vet it is totally normal.

The mornings have been cold but clear skies and foggy with some amazing cloud formations in front of the sun rise. I love living close to the sea and getting to see those amazing views. It is great being up early and enjoying nature and the silence.


On getting up early: I am well and truly in my 5 am routines. That means even if I am not going to bed early or had a few beers, I would be awake at 5. The only day I tried going back to bed for a wee whiley, Rohan was up from 5 am play. Nothing worked to settle him, despite him having a temperature and a cough. Poor him. He later slept 2 hours in the afternoon, I didn’t.

We then had a relative staying with us for half of the week. Working out the relation, I am her great grand uncle or so 😉 It was good to catch up on some old memories, family gossip and times that seem so far away. It brings back memories of me being 13 or 14 – way before finding myself, when one thought that doing it right all the time was the right thing to do. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that. Reflecting on different upbringings and what life has thrown at us over the years was good.

Today, as you read this blog, I will be in the clouds flying to our HQ in Holland. Needless to say I am not overly impressed for not being home on a Sunday night. Sundays for me are the holy family day, I am the one making pizza for dinner. Not tonight. Yet, I suppose, sometimes it is unavoidable to commit to work on a Sunday, and this is for a rather important meeting. One gotta do what one gotta do, not like this is happening very often. So all good 🙂

So and up and down week. On top of that Anthony Robbins released his new book, I started becoming more specific about the topic of my next book, I had lots of fun, spend lots of time with friends and overall, I cannot think of a day I was unhappy.

Hope life is treating you well.

Love and Kindness,