Sunday Column (299)

It is the 1st of December tomorrow. Who would have guessed this year passes so quickly? I remember last year deciding whether or not to stay in my then main job. Sometimes things don’t work out and this year, the question is not about whether to stay but how quickly to grow. Times have changed, and I am a much happier person. I made the right decision.

Making decisions doesn’t always mean making the right decision. What I mean by that is that sometimes you have to make a wrong decision, which then guides you to your destination. Decision making is key. Whether this is regarding the upbringing of your children, how you spend your money, which job to go for or which sales leads to pursue. As long as you keep making decisions you are moving forward. And latter is key for personal development. Any decision will carry some weight for your final destination, so essentially the only wrong decision is to not make any at all.

Any decision we make, however small, moves you in a direction. I made a decision this week I cannot announce yet. I also made a decision regarding my fitness level – with a lot of people giving up drinking in January, I should do the same and step up my fitness level once again. With two 10K this week, a session of squash and a MTB ride today … yes, I feel very fit at the moment.


What else is happening? The dog seems to settle in better, we had a couple dry beds this week, we walk her more and would love to do more with her but have to hold back whilst she is a puppy. The kids are wary of the dog and we work on their relationship – it is challenging to teach children how to behave around dogs and a dog how to behave around kids. It is a good challenge though as you can already see how they benefit from looking after Rosie, helping us and taking responsibility. I am glad we made the decision to have the dog.

Then there was Light Up Hassocks – the yearly get together for the village to share a drink, some lights in the dark and switch on the Christmas lights. It is fun and a good opportunity to catch up with everyone. My parents were over from Germany for that – they and the kids had a great evening.

A few times this week I was lying in bed thinking that I am a very happy man. It seems like I am on top of things, life is coming together and things are moving in the right direction. This is a good feeling. The kids are growing up, and with every week they are further developed, asking further questions and you can help them finding their direction and making their own decisions.

I feel blessed. I cherish the moments with the family and look forward to Christmas, to be there fully in the moment with my two boys and wife, finding some rest hopefully, and some sleep.

Before I finish, I wanted to share this cute conversation with my 5 year old.

“Next week, Colin, I am at a conference”, I said to my oldest. “Is that what you do, daddy?” “No, I sometimes speak at conferences”, “oh yes, I thought that’s what you do, with that funny thing (microphone) in your face.” “But Colin, actually I make sure when you are on mummy’s ipad, that you get the same ad as you see on TV. But I don’t think you understand that yet.” … “That’s easy, TV you just switch on. And adding, daddy, we do that in school. I didn’t know you are adding things?” “See, I just add things to peoples’ lives. I make their life better. Time to sleep….”

Actually, life is simple. Adding and subtracting 🙂

May your week be the same.

Love and Kindness,