Sunday Column (30)

Alright. This week was nothing like the ones before. It started off with a revelation I had seen coming and since, I have been thinking about “the meaning of life”. Funny that every now and then you get thrown off your path and then you start thinking about purposes in life and what you want to achieve. However, maybe I should just sit down and map out life regardless of how it develops. Maybe I should make my own master plan.

Tuesday was my first pitch at work. I enjoy it very much and things are going well. Time for things to pick up of course as it is September and budgets are made for 2010. I hope 🙂

On Wednesday I caught up with a good friend who runs a successful business and on Thursday I met with a friend from the CMI who I enjoy meeting, unfortunately not often enough, for a Harvey’s Bitter in the Ole George in Beckenham. So this week was very social. Oh, almost forgot that on Monday I met another friend which works in the same industry and emigrated to London a few years ago from Germany too. So plenty of thoughts and input this week. Really enjoyable.

My Tai Chi is less enjoyable at the moment. Part of it is due to the fact that we are about 2/3 done with the long form and I am too impatient to actually wait and finish the form. The other reason is that I am always rushed to make it in time, which I often don’t. So my increased work load and long commute don’t help. Overall I hope that I will have enough stamina to finish the form and take it from there.

On Saturday, now this week was very social, we met good friends in Dulwich Village. We went to the Piaf where the food was great. However, prices and service were not as good as the first impression of the place suggested. It was a great Autumn day, very warm and muggy, and we had great fun with our friends. Colin behaved and was passed around which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Today I managed to get rid of the last vegetables. It was a failure to grow broccoli and courgettes and for next year, we might not grow many veggies at all.

The garden, the boy and many other take up a lot of time. Time, I personally have less and less of.
I realised that writing the blog becomes a shore, that I don’t enjoy being on Twitter as much, hardly have time for Facebook and that I hardly get enough time to myself, my family or hobbies.

Hence, you might notice a slow down in my online activities. My first priority for the remainder of the year is to make sure that my job is progressing the way I want and gives me the stability and security I need for the family.
To ensure that I have to work beyond 9-5; whilst I enjoy doing that I need to see the outcome. And I do, as otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I am confident the hard work will pay off towards the end of the year.

Until then I want to prioritise. My blog will take a 2nd priority and will mostly be ad hoc stuff and of course my Sunday column to keep you up to date.

I would almost consider this phase a reconsolidation – I cut everything possible down to focus on what I consider the most important thing. And, once that is becoming a routine, I will add other pieces to my life again accordingly.

Hope that makes sense.

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