Sunday Column (301)

We are getting closer to Christmas.
My wife took a few pictures of the boys last weekend and I jumped on the bandwagon for some nice new head shots. Let me know what you think?

Subsequently I updated my blog, Linkedin and Xing profile etc. Just to keep it up to date, making sure people recognise me. It happened, believe it or not, that people didn’t recognise me thanks to the beard. Or maybe the grey hair or the wrinkles. Maybe I am getting on a bit?

I write this post whilst sitting in a train from Eindhoven (HQ) to Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport. My last trip of the year. Things are getting more quiet, and the festive season slowly but surely starts kicking in. Catching up with clients, nativity plays from the boys and cold walks with Rosie. My reflective time started, meaning I am now settling down a bit to reflect on 2014.

Reflection is a big part of growing up and growth / development. For me it is to look at the good and bad times, what I have learned in a job or at home, and how I can have more of the good times and less of the bad times moving forward. It is about being honest to yourself and configuring your growth for the next year. Taking into consideration both family, friends, the kids and dog and expectations. As before mentioned, I am very positive about next year and think we will have a lot positive (!) changes.

When looking out of the window I see grey. Grey forest areas, boggy marshland, empty fields and brown grass. Nature is at its low point too. The point where it is too cold to grow or do anything and where it make sense to just lie still until the next spring comes and wakes you up. Business of course isn’t that way. First meetings have been booked into the first week of January already. Things are coming together for 2015, plans are already being made.



I am excited to see the kids growing up. To grow closer as a family. To cherish the dog. To spend more time with people I like. From my perspective I sometimes think that I am not sure what happens next year or the year after. How long will I still kick about? Seize the day, carpe diem, get on with it and enjoy. Yet we are all worried about things and sometimes, we just over engineer things. True happiness comes from within. Only from deep inside a person. Like love.

When travelling, HSBC had an advert with a cow on the tunnel to the airplane. I loved that cow. I took a picture and share it here. Do you notice why that cow is special? If it takes you a while it is because you don’t look for the differences but the sameness. You are looking at what you are used to. And you might overlook the detail and the difference in (beauty) of the cow.

Yet, don’t worry. You are probably or most certainly one of many. We are living in fast pace environment where we are missing out on the detail, missing out on the slight differences.

And if you still can’t see the world map on the cow….then never mind 😉

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Be good!