Sunday Column (305)

The first week back is always a struggle. Changing from a 6 am lie in to a 5 am start, new physio exercises, new weight routine and the blimming man flu. Got a few 8 hour sleeps to recover and feel like the week has passed by very quickly. Managed 10K without too much pain at the weekend. Struggled a bit though, coughing and all. But needed to be done.

So besides the car playing up and needing repair and the usual commute, a busy start at work and lots of meetings, there is not much to report. The family is well, the weather was mostly ok but we got some rain and I didn’t miss the booze at all. Drinking is all about habit, having a glass of wine at the fire at night instead of juice. It’s not that you need to have it, and if you did that would be a big problem I suppose.

Regarding the car: we also, additional to last year’s repairs, need a new alternator which wasn’t picked up at the major service. Dispute with the Seat garage too, trying to charge me for a diagnostic which according to the Seat website is part of the major service. Yet, the garage says they only do a visual inspection. To be continued… There is nothing more than bad service that I hate, and people trying to rip me off. Working client facing, I am disgusted, particularly after very bad experience with Volvo a few years ago. Anyway, let’s not assume too much for now.

Yet this week was somewhat funny. Amongst all the daily routine, there were calls from people, visits to people, meetings with friends and clients that suggests one thing, and one thing only: 2015 is going to be exciting. It seems like the digital world is ready to ramp up in Europe!

I can’t put my finger on it yet. Whether this is job related, money related (lottery win?), or exciting in some other, maybe sad way? But when I look back in a year’s time, I will surely say, 2015’s excitement was all about ???.


This is a good feeling to have. New year resolutions are all fine given we are a week in. That means no take aways yet, no alcohol, little carbs and some exercise at least. But that is nothing that has changed from last year with the difference of having less steak for lunch as the Christmas lunches are over. All sushi so far. I am confident to drop a few more kilos over the next three month. Bikini figure for the summer they say 😉

Ok, enough of that 🙂 It is great to see how the kids grow up and being able to spend quality time with them at the weekend. Let it be experiments (Colin got an engineering kit from Oma and Opa for Christmas) or watching Tarzan, cuddling because the wind is a thunderstorm, or taking the dog for a walk. Fun, shared experience and lots of love and happiness. That is what it is all about. When you are on the couch, cuddled up with two little boys and a puppy, the fire is on and you watch an emotional movie. Why not just enjoy and let go. Forget about the negativity and bad things in life.

I leave you with those thoughts as there are too many bad thoughts out there this week: the awful things that happened in Paris, the drowning of two people in Brighton over the weekend.

Stay safe! Enjoy and live the moment.