Sunday Column (31)

This week was great from a networking perspective. I met a few good old friends from the industry at the annual ad:tech London conference and exhibition. It was great to catch up with so many and see what the next trends in the industry are.

We don’t really know what the future brings, but Microsoft’s “looking glass” surely might reveal some inspiration of what is to come. Social Media is definitely a place to be, so is mobile – however, mobile might never take off as much as people were hoping.

On Friday I held a workshop at Digipharm, a digital marketing conference for the pharma industry. It is amazing what you can still do with little efforts of PPC and SEO in order to improve the pharma industry’s visibility online. Definitely something the industry needs to catch up with soon.

On Saturday I made my own pizza. Four weeks were over and this week, or to be precise on Saturday evening, I got myself a nice bottle of Zinfandel. The 4 weeks were hard at times but overall not a problem. The wine tasted sour but ok, a pleasant drink and I don’t think I go back to not drink wine ever again 🙂

A general note on life. This week showed me once again that I need to start prioritising what is happening in my life. My wife and I sat down and discussed priorities, time tables, expectations and all. We are going through a massive phase of change. The boy, my new job and a new life. And the latter is formed and determined by the first two – or should it be more integrated? We are figuring it out at the moment, and I am confident that it will soon all fit together again more smoothly.

This weekend I just slept. Seriously, I seemed so tired that I spend most of Saturday on the couch sleeping and Sunday hanging about. It was nice weather but somehow, I was very content on the couch. Not even hungover or anything, just lazy and chilling. Needs to be done. We had lovely friends over from Scotland, and next week is going to be a busy one….

Speak soon,