Sunday Column (313)

Now it is March. I finished another 10K run outside last weekend, and probably by time of posting another one. As usual I am ahead of writing posts, and I have been travelling to Paris this week. Next week it is Hamburg again. Then one more trip before Easter. The finish of Q1 came around quickly. It also looks like spring is in the air. It is all good, but times are busier than usual in Q1. A new spring for the economy maybe?

I have been thinking at lot these past weeks. About life, life’s goals and all. I read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Not a new book or new principles and it almost seems as if I have read it many years ago, but it gives you a kick in the butt.

For what do you want to be remembered?
Why do you put focus on where you put focus on?
Why do you procrastinate, or waste your time watching the news?
Give a 100%. Every Time.
Always strive to achieve your goals.
Work on your goals: what are they? What do you want to achieve in life?
Reduce the clutter, stop reading the news.

For me, to answer those questions, gets easier and easier, the older I get. Besides some recent developments that help me thinking and refining, I can say that I want to create a meaningful life. A life where I want to look at and say “it was good for me and others, I made a difference”. I aim to make a difference for others and help others to create a more meaningful life. Whether this is through subtle changes, leading by example, help by making a life changing decision or just being there when they need someone. Small or big.


And foremost, I want to be that person for my family. For my kids. To makes sure they grow up with a desire to create a meaningful life for themselves. That might mean something else for them, then it does for me. Yet it is important to define those goals and work towards them. NOW. Not tomorrow.

One never knows how much time is left on the clock. No one knows how much time we have left on earth and whether it is over tomorrow or in 30 years time. I personally don’t want to go just yet. I am just at the beginning of figuring it all out, my kids are young and I am in full swing of my career. I love working and strive to be more successful and grow into a bigger role. I am keen on moving up. Yet at the same time I am keen on spending more time with the kids, help them grow and help them to help others or help their friends to figure out life’s priorities for themselves.

There is so much to do – probably one of the reasons why I always go 100 miles per hour and think I can fit 70 minutes into an hour. There is no time to waste or time to stop and hang around. Always give 100% to achieve your goals, take actions towards them and be inspired by your goals. Make them happen.

The Compound Effect gave me another kick in my butt, yet there is so much going on in life, that I realise that I have to appreciate more of what I have. Whilst I have it. And I do. You never know when you stop having it.

I am probably one of the luckiest men alive, why shouldn’t I be the happiest also, and share my happiness with others?

There is no reason not to.

Have a great week and life. Make the most of NOW!