Sunday Column (316)

Sitting at 42,000 feet writing a blog post and face timing the family is new. It was my first in flight wifi experience, a day after the still unreal Germanwings crash. No one expected a Germanwings flight to crash, nor any heavy regulated European airline in Europe. I feel for the families and friends of the people that died. On the flight home we got confronted with more terrible news on the cause of the crash. It leaves me speechless.

Being connected in a plane is a new experience. For my kids, both under 6 years of age, this will be normal. My eldest is asking for the iPad daily to play and started asking to own a phone. I understand that but my parents told me that I wouldn’t be allowed a computer until 10th grade, that was 16 years of age in Germany. Life has changed and the technology advancement is accelerating. What seems new to us who haven’t had iPads or phones 20 years ago, seems normal to the youngsters.

keep calm and attention

How must my parents feel who were around my age when personal computers came to life. My dad, I remember vividly, used a manual board to arrange the different classes for the teachers, allocating rooms and making sure there was no overlaps in the timetables. There are programmes today but even Excel would have been so much easier. Having no Sat-Nav when driving somewhere new? How well has Uber served me this week in Stockholm. A new city but the same, easy to book and easy to pay taxi service.

Being a bit of a Geek and working in the tech space, I enjoy technology advancement. I am debating to get a fitness tracker, e.g. a Jawbone or Fitbit. Latter doesn’t sync with Apple health, former’s model with a pulse sensor hasn’t been released. I guess in a year or two I buy an Apple watch. How couldn’t I?

Quarter one came to an end this week too. It has been busy and Friday we celebrated. I had a glass to the end of Q1, my colleague his leaving do. Unfortunately the restaurant we wanted to go to burned down just minutes prior to us going there, just opposite the office. We easily found an alternative.

A Hassocks dads’ night out, a catch up with friends and family, and lots of time with my boys over the weekend. Sounds like I did nothing really but to be honest, after another busy trip, on which I was lucky to catch up with a very good friend, I was cotent to take it easy. I have been travelling a lot lately, working non-stop as it seems, now is time for some downtime. Easter break. The fire has been on whilst it is raining outside. Summer time started. The dog is content at my feet.

I hope you get some time off, to spend time with your family and loved ones, and let life sink in a bit. Let things calm down a bit and give your loved ones the attention they want. They need. You need.

Have a great week.